Common Swimming Pool Plumbing Issues

A swimming pool can transform a home into a fun and relaxing oasis that’s open for business come summertime. But swimming pools can also be a serious source of challenge for homeowners. There’s a lot of maintenance to keep up with, and you often need to make certain repairs.

Many of these maintenance and repair needs are related to a pool’s plumbing. Here’s a look at four areas of your pool’s plumbing that most often experience issues:

  • Filter Pressure: You can experience two different kinds of swimming pool filter pressure issues — increases in pressure and decreases in pressure. Increases may be caused by algae blocking the filter and a decrease may be caused by blocked suction lines or faulty hardware. The key is to clear the algae that’s blocking your filter, clear out blocked suction lines and replace bad hardware.
  • Flow Rate: Changes in flow rate can be an indicator that something else is amiss with your pool. If the flow of your pool’s water is changing from one common direction to another, it could be a case of a filter growing overly dirty or a clog appearing in your suction.
  • Filter Debris: From time to time and for various reasons, your pool’s filter system may not be working properly, which can lead to debris sneaking past the filter itself. A filter replacement may be the answer, though a situation like this could require other solutions.
  • Leaks: Leaks in your swimming pools plumbing can be a serious problem — one that damages your property and that costs a lot of money in wasted water. Leaks in your pool’s plumbing can also be a waste of your chemicals, as you’ll need to add more to the diluted water still in your pool structure. Leaks must be detected and repaired with the utmost urgency.

Whether related to your pool or another portion of your home's plumbing system, leaks and breakdowns are our specialty at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Syracuse. We’re your one-stop shop for plumbing support of all kinds. We understand that issues related to your pool are significant and demand a swift solution — especially when it's summer and prime time for pool use.

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