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5 Things to Check in Your Plumbing Systems This Summer

Summer brings about a unique set of circumstances that require certain measures to be taken. Make sure your home’s plumbing is ready for the hottest months of the year by taking care of these five tasks:

  • Assess Your Hoses: Don’t think there’s no chance of leaks and floods after the frozen temperatures go away. If your hoses and valves aren’t in top condition, you run the risk of leaks and floods striking your laundry room and other areas. Check all of your valves and hoses for cracks, bulges and leaks at the start of summer and make replacements as needed.
  • Check Your Hot Water: Summer is a great time to take a look at your water heater, even to drain and examine it. During winter, your hot water heater is always in use and always in demand. While it’s important in summer too, it’s under less strain, which makes it an ideal time for inspection.
  • Adjust Water Pressure: High pressure can be damaging to your home’s plumbing system. If you’re out-of-town for extended periods of time (as people often are during summer) the pressure builds up and can lead to a blow-out upon your return. Invest in a pressure regulator that can help keep your home’s water pressure at around 55 or 60 PSI.
  • Add Trash Cans: You may have more guests during summertime, as people are traveling and taking time off from work. This may sound obvious, but make sure they have trash cans available in the guest bathroom. If not, guests tend to send things down the toilet that should not go down the toilet — things like Q-tips and dental floss. Given them access to a trash can and avoid these plumbing problems.
  • Get Ready for Vacation: If you’re going to be away from your home for an extended period of time, it may be a good idea to turn off your water entirely while you’re away. It’s simple to shut off your water using the master valve. This will ensure you don’t experience leaks and that your pressure doesn’t build up while you’re away and traveling.

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