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Top 5 Summer Plumbing Problems

Summer months mean family vacations, kids home from school and large outdoor gatherings with friends. This warm season also marks an increase in several plumbing issues. While colder winter months may be a well-known time for expected plumbing mishaps, summer also presents plumbing challenges as a result of increased home-based activity.

Being aware of these five common summer plumbing problems will not only save you time and money but also ensure you can fully enjoy the warm weather all season long.

Common Summer Plumbing Problems

During the summer, most homeowners probably don’t consider keeping their plumbing maintained, but with more family members present in the house during the day and frequent outdoor gatherings, your home’s plumbing is being used more often than any other time of the year. To prevent inconvenient and common summer plumbing problems, be aware of these five common issues:

  • Clogged garbage disposals: Garbage disposals are fast and simple tools to get rid of excess food scraps, but be careful when disposing of food waste after a cookout. Hard fruits and vegetables like corn and watermelon can be damaging to disposal blades and eventually clog the plumbing. Also, avoid sending used oils and grease down the sink that will harden and clog the disposal. After use, run cool water down the drain to help dislodge any leftover food buildup.
  • Sewer line backups: In many areas of the country, summer is characterized by not only warmer temperatures but also frequent rain showers. These storms produce an excess amount of water that can enter your home’s sewage plumbing through cracks that can cause the sewage to back up. Note if your toilet or bathtub drain begins backing up, and call a professional plumber to inspect the cause.
  • Washing machine mishaps: With kids and family members home more during the summer, you’re often doing more loads of laundry, which strains the machine. Parts and hoses may wear, causing flooding throughout your laundry area. To prevent this mishap, keep your machine away from the wall to avoid hose kinks, and note any signs of common wear and tear.
  • Clogged toilets: During the summer, with more family and guests at your home, clogged toilets become common due to the extra use. Encourage children and other visitors to use a modest amount of toilet paper and avoid flushing other items. This plumbing problem can be easily fixed with a plunger, but you can call your trusted local plumber if the clogs are persistent.
  • Sprinkler malfunctions: Every year, you should perform sprinkler maintenance by inspecting and cleaning the heads to avoid leaks or clogs. Another common cause of sprinkler problems is damage caused by mowing over the heads.

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