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Pick the Right Bathroom Faucet For You

When you are remodeling your bathroom, finding the right faucet is important. Although it is not the centerpiece of your bathroom, it is something you will use every day. Below, you will find several different things you should think about when looking for the perfect faucet for your bathroom.

1. Decor

When you are designing your bathroom, you will want to pick a style of decor — whether it is beach-inspired, minimalistic or something else. The faucet you pick should go along with the decor you choose.

There are several different types of bathroom faucets to select from, with unique placement, finish and structure. You can have two separate handles to control the hot and cold water or a single handle. If there are separate pieces, they can all be connected or be spread out. There are also more unique styles of faucets, like ones that are mounted on the wall or have a bridge design.

2. Budget

With any renovation or building project, you need to create a budget and stick to it. There are faucets out there at just about every price point, so you will have options. It is important to put together your budget before you go shopping, though — you wouldn't want to find a faucet you love only to realize it is over-budget.

3. Functionality

Even a few years ago, there were only a few different styles of bathroom faucets. Now, newer designs have been made that have unique functionality. If you will be using the faucet for a variety of different things, a multi-use option would be a great pick. Or if you are going for a more modern, minimalistic look, then maybe a sleeker faucet style will suit the space better. 

Looking for a more high-tech option? There are also faucets that can turn on with just a touch, ones that are controlled by smart devices and more. Whatever you need out of your new faucet, there is one for you with the perfect look and functionality to fit your bathroom space.

4. Installation

Different types of faucets will have their own installation requirements. This is an important thing to consider because it could affect the installation of other appliances and fixtures. When you are looking at ideas for the perfect bathroom faucet, you need to keep installation in mind. If the type of faucet is not right for the structure of your bathroom, then it is not a good fit.

Even after you have found the perfect faucet, you will still need to take care of it. For an expert licensed plumber to help with all of your plumbing needs, contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse today.