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6 Plumbing Tips for Pet Owners

Pets and plumbing don't always mix, which means you need to take special precautions if you're a pet-loving homeowner. What precautions specifically? Take a look at these six plumbing tips for pet owners.

  1. Prevent Digging

You never know where your plumbing pipes run. You should always check where pipes and lines are before you start digging for a home improvement project, and your pets should be careful where they dig, too. If your dog loves to dig, make sure they aren’t burrowing so deep they might affect plumbing lines.

  1. Cover Pipes

Pets love to chew, bite, scratch and claw at things, which is why you should cover any exposed pipes in your home. The last thing you want is for your pet to chew or claw their way through a brittle or aging pipe.

  1. Check Pressure

Do you bathe your own pet? If so, make sure to check the water pressure before you drop them in. Low water pressure could be a sign that a toilet or another appliance is engaged, which could lead to a drop in cold water and an increase in hot water.

  1. Use Drain Stoppers

Pet hair is a plumbing nightmare. When you bathe your pet, make sure to use a drain stopper that prevents all that pet hair from heading down your drain. While you may think that the hair is disappearing, never to be seen again, it’s just settling somewhere down the line, where it will eventually create a serious blockage.

  1. Trash Kitty Litter — Don’t Flush!

Kitty litter is a surefire way to clog up your pipes, so don’t flush it down the toilet or run it down your sink. The best thing for your plumbing is to make sure kitty litter ends up in the garbage and nowhere else.

  1. Close Toilet Lids

There’s nothing good inside a toilet for your pet. If you have a pet who’s large or nimble enough to take a swig out of the toilet, make sure to keep the toilet seat down.

Not all problems are completely avoidable. If you've already had a pet-related plumbing mishap at your home, call on the pros at Mr. Rooter of Syracuse. One of our professionals can quickly evaluate the problem and provide the needed solution.

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