When to Call a Plumber vs. a Carpenter for Water Damages

If you’ve recently experienced a burst pipe or another form of water damage, how do you know when to call a plumber versus a carpenter to take care of the damages? While both professionals have supervisory responsibilities and know local codes and how to read technical documents, only one can expertly fix leaks or broken pipes, while the other specializes in structural issues.

But if you have extensive enough water damage in your home, you’ll most likely need the expertise of both a carpenter and a plumber in order to get your home back to pristine condition.

When to Call a Plumber

The source of water damage can often be difficult to determine by yourself. If you catch the signs of water damage early enough, turn off your home’s water and contact your local plumber. By taking these steps, you can minimize any damages. Serious problems can occur if you ignore any symptoms and allow slow leaks to remain or have improperly sealed bath and shower areas.

When you do experience flooding or plumbing issues, it is best to avoid trying to fix any problems yourself. Trust a plumber to identify the cause of the water damage or a burst pipe and make any necessary repairs. Plumbers have the necessary expertise to install pipes and plumbing fixtures, replace damaged pipes, maintain sewage tanks, review building plans and codes and weld pipes.

Duties of a Carpenter

Once your trusted plumber has identified and repaired the source of your water damage or fixed broken and leaking pipes, you’ll want a carpenter to take care of any structural damage in your home. Carpenters primarily work with the framework and structure of a building, including the walls, flooring and woodwork. They don’t require specific certification and work on measuring materials, cutting and fastening, interpreting technical drawings and repairing damaged structures.

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