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Recent Posts in 2019

  • How to Install a New Toilet

    How to Install a New Toilet
    While you're planning a bathroom renovation, whether it's to prepare your home for the market or you're ready for an updated space, you can save money on the project by taking on some of the ...
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  • Septic Tank FAQs

    Septic Tank FAQs
    If you live in a suburban or rural area, there is a good chance you own a septic tank. You may not think very often about this vital underground system, but it is always there working hard to treat ...
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  • Mobile Home Plumbing Problems

    Mobile Home Plumbing Problems
    Plumbing problems plague mobile home residents just as much as they do site-built homeowners. However, because the systems are different in so many ways, you will need special knowledge and skills to ...
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