7 Plumbing Gadgets to Make the Job Easier

Fixing a pipe
When you live in a home long enough, you'll eventually find all of the discarded things you stuffed down the drain coming back to haunt you in the form of clogged drains, backed-up toilets, and leaky pipes and fixtures.

Unexpected household plumbing repairs can be expensive and time-consuming — but for most leaks and clogs, you don't have to contact a professional plumber to fix the problem. Having a well-stocked toolkit with plumbing tool essentials can make even the toughest DIY plumbing projects hassle-free, cost-effective, and straightforward.

Plumbing Gadgets Every DIY Plumber Needs

When you're ready to tackle common household plumbing issues, you're going to need a set of quality plumbing tools to help you get the job done quickly and correctly, with the least amount of strain and mess possible.

Most plumbing tools and gadgets you need for basic fixes are affordable and easy to find at your local hardware store. Along with basic tools — like a hammer, tape measure, screwdriver kit, tape, and a utility knife — you can become a master DIY plumber with these handy plumbing gadgets:

  • Plunger: Every plumber knows to keep a plunger nearby for any type of plumbing mishap. It's the first tool plumbers use to dislodge clogs from kitchen sinks, toilets, floor drains, and tubs or showers. Use a plunger properly by forming a firm seal between the plunger and the drain, then pull upward in a controlled motion to suck the clog out and prevent it from moving farther down into your pipes.
  • Adjustable Wrench: An adjustable wrench helps you effortlessly remove and reattach hex-shaped compression nuts and supply line fittings. Consider buying an adjustable wrench in both 6" and 10" sizes for project flexibility, making sure to find a quality product that holds firm and won't slip under pressure.
  • Hand Auger: When a plunger doesn't have the power needed to remove stubborn clogs, it's ideal to have a hand auger, also known as a drain snake, available. Most augers are available in lengths reaching up to 25 feet long and are made of flexible steel for improved durability and strength to get rid of the toughest sink and shower clogs.
  • Tongue and Groove Pliers: To quickly tighten, loosen, twist, or remove parts, keep a pair of tongue and groove pliers available. These pliers have angled jaws, long handles, and several adjustable positions for handling plumbing fixtures easily. Consider keeping two pliers available — one for stabilizing the fixture and the other to loosen or tighten it.
  • Hacksaw: For heavy-duty projects, use a hacksaw to smoothly cut through metal or plastic pipes and hardware. Keep extra blades around to easily switch out old, ineffective ones.
  • Basin Wrench: A basin wrench is best used for tightening and loosening the fasteners that secure sink faucets. This tool has a long handle and a swiveling jaw that can easily maneuver in narrow spaces behind sinks and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Closet Auger: Similar to a hand auger, a closet auger is specially designed to fit inside a toilet to clear difficult clogs.

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