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5 Tips for Avoiding Basement Flooding

Fall and spring are times when rain is frequent, and the ground is continuously muddy. If you want to know how to prevent basement flooding during heavy rains in these seasons, you are not alone. Many people want to keep their houses dry and safe from the stormy weather. Thankfully, there are several precautions you can take to protect your home from possible flooding.

Follow our five simple precautionary tips for keeping your basement dry and warm during any season. 

1. Clean Your Gutters

If you have leaves, dirt and twigs caught in your gutters, these objects can obstruct rainwater from flowing down and out through the downspouts. Instead, the water will overflow and pour out around your home, putting your basement at risk for leaks and flooding. To prevent this problem, check your gutters and clean them twice a year, once after fall and once after spring. 

2. Install a Sump Pump

If you are wondering how to avoid basement flooding, one of the most effective tools to invest in is a sump pump. You install a sump pump in your basement floor's drilled hole, otherwise known as a basin. The pump has a sensor that detects when excess amounts of water are pouring into the basin. This excess water triggers the device to pump water out of the basement and into a nearby drainage area. 

3. Take Control of Your Landscaping

Your basement could flood if your yard is sloped and directs water down and around your home. Solve this problem by investing in French drains. You could also look into rain gardens, which are shrubs and other vegetation that you can plant on the slope to absorb water. Another solution is extending your rain gutter downspouts farther away from your home.

4. Check for Foundational Cracks

To prevent flooding in a walkout basement, frequently examining your foundation is critical. Basement walls and floors have a demanding job holding up your house. Ensure that the walls and floor are free from cracks and fractures that could let water into the basement. If you have holes or cracks in the foundation, patch these areas up with an epoxy sealer.

5. Buy Window Well Covers

How do you stop your basement from flooding during heavy rain? One great tool is window well covers. Below-grade windows are vulnerable to severe storms. Keep these windows protected with window well covers, which you place above the window for shelter from rain and snow. If you like the natural lighting from your windows, purchase acrylic covers that let natural light shine into your basement during the day.

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