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How to Pick the Right Faucet for Your Bathroom

The design and style of your bathroom faucet play into homeowner satisfaction and how you go about using the device. Choosing the right faucet for your bathroom involves taking a look at several characteristics to make sure your installation complements your sink and room layout.

Bathroom Faucet Types

One of the most exciting parts of upgrading a bathroom is picking out the faucet type. Are you asking yourself what kind of faucet you need? Below are some common configurations to suit your home improvement vision:

1. Center-Set

These sink faucets require three separate holes for mounting. Handles or levers are positioned 4 inches from each other and sit on each side of the spout. A 6-inch mounting plate is necessary for installation.

2. Single-Handle

Single-handle faucets rely on one handle for temperature and flow controls. The majority of single-handle styles call for one mounting hole. Additional holes across your countertop may be covered with a mounting plate.

3. Widespread Faucet Mounts

This faucet setup consists of three parts. Your bathroom will showcase two decorative handles and the main water spout. Handles are positioned no less than 6 inches from one another. Widespread faucets feature larger handles compared to other styles.

4. Wall-Mounted

Wall-mounted faucets accompany freestanding sink basins. The faucet and handles extend from the wall over the sink for easy cleaning. These installations are compatible with bathrooms that have wall-mounted shut off valves. The back of your sink stays free from calcium deposits and mold, as there is no hardware connected directly to the sink.

5. Vessel

Vessel faucets install higher up from the ground to fit vessel style sinks. These single-handle bathroom faucets are manufactured to come out of vanities or countertops.

Faucet Finish and Color Options

There are plenty of faucet finish and color options on the market. Homeowners can find faucets in almost any shade, but finishes will dictate cleaning methods and upkeep. Review the information below to see which finish is right for you:

  • Copper: Offers an elegant appearance with corrosion-resistance.
  • Chrome: Affordable finish option that goes with just about any bathroom style.
  • Brass: Available in polished and textured finishes. Create a shine or a brushed look.
  • Bronze: Achieve an antique look with brown or gray tints.
  • Matte Black: A popular finish that will not show fingerprints or dirt.
  • Gold: Creates a luxurious feel. A long-lasting choice for a faucet or sink.
  • Nickel: One of the most durable faucet finishes. Pick between polished and brushed features.
  • Stainless Steel: Resists scratches for long-term visual appeal.

Faucet Technology Trends

People often wonder what type of bathroom faucet is best. The answer to that question depends on your applications. Faucets not only come in a variety of styles, sizes and setups, but manufacturers continue to add new advancements to their releases. Consider the following features when you choose your next faucet:

  • Motion activation: Stop the spread of germs by incorporating touch-free technology for the bathroom. Allow users to place their hands in front of a sensor to control temperature, water pressure and on/off settings.
  • Aerator upgrades: Adding air to your water system makes sink water feel lightweight and clean. 
  • Sanitation: Enhance your bathroom with antibacterial faucet technology. Some brands add sanitizing ozone agents to your water supply, eliminating harmful bacteria coming through your installation.

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