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Blog Posts in 2021

  • Marble shower

    Do Drain Hair Catchers Really Work?

    Everyone with long hair knows the nuisance of unplugging your drain every few months because of built-up hair. Many people try to ...

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  • hydrogen peroxide bottle

    Can Hydrogen Peroxide Clear Drain Clogs?

    Hydrogen peroxide has multiple uses — it can be an antiseptic, oxidizer bleaching agent and more. You will find this affordable ...

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  • Picture of a sink and text What is Bio Slime

    What Is Bio Slime?

    If you have ever looked into your sink and seen slime in your drain, you have likely gotten a glimpse of bio slime. Also known as ...

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  • Tree with thick roots

    8 Signs That Tree Roots Are Causing Your Plumbing Problems

    There is nothing quite like a beautiful yard filled with lush trees. Unfortunately, your home's plumbing may pay the price for ...

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