What Is Bio Slime?

Picture of a sink and text What is Bio Slime
If you have ever looked into your sink and seen slime in your drain, you have likely gotten a glimpse of bio slime. Also known as black sludge and biofilm, this smelly, unappealing material is a common drain problem. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to remove black slime.

What Is Bio Slime?

Every time you use your sink, you add matter to your drain. While most of it is flushed away, some can cling to the sides of your drain and create bio slime. Some contributors include:

  • Skin cells

  • Phlegm

  • Food

  • Hair

  • Body oils

  • Shaving cream

  • Toothpaste

  • Hair products.

Over time, bacteria, microorganisms and mold start to thrive in the black slime, which strengthens the smell. While you may clean around the drain, the slime lives below your reach. Eventually, the bio slime builds up, so your sink drains more slowly and eventually clogs. If mold builds up, you might breathe in harmful spores.

How to Remedy Bio Slime

You can remedy bio slime before it clogs your drain or causes water damage. Having a system for keeping your drains slime-free also protects your indoor air quality.

Every few weeks — or at the first sign of black sludge — pour a cup of baking soda down your drain. Wait about ten minutes, then pour in another cup of hydrogen peroxide and watch it foam. Let the mixture rest for a few hours and flush with hot water. Avoid using boiling water, which can damage PVC pipes.

Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant, and both peroxide and baking soda neutralize odors. Contact a licensed plumber if you continue noticing mold and odors after using hydrogen peroxide a few times. Your pipes may be incorrectly installed or have gaps or defective seals, which allow mold to develop and sewer gases to enter your home.

If you do have bio slime with secure pipes, you can also snake the drain to remove deep debris. You may want to contact a licensed plumber to snake your drain while protecting your pipes.

We Can Help With Drain Cleaning

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