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6 Beginner Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

It happens more than you would think — one moment, you are enjoying a peaceful evening with your family when, all of a sudden, you hear or see running water where it does not belong. Understanding a few homeowner plumbing basics can help you prevent floods and other plumbing issues from happening and mitigate the harmful effects when they do. 

1. Learn Your Piping Basics

Even without professional training, it is possible and incredibly helpful for any beginner to learn the basics of their toilet, faucets and water main. Familiarize yourself with the water main in your basement and locate its shutoff valve so you know how to stop water flow in an emergency. 

Similarly, get to know your toilet or faucet so you can accurately decide when a DIY or professional fix is best for you. It is also a good idea to learn the signs of water leaks so you know when it is time for repairs. 

2. Build the Skills to Handle Small Tasks

A clogged drain is inevitable from time to time. With a little forethought, it is more than possible to learn to unclog it yourself. Rather than reaching for the harmful chemicals any time your drain clogs, learn to use a drain snake to remove hair or other materials. 

3. Monitor Water Pressure

Water pressure is easy to analyze, even for the untrained eye. As a homeowner, you get used to the water pressure that comes from your shower or sink. Keep your home's water norms in mind so you will know right away when the pressure is lower or higher than normal.

4. Keep Tools on Hand

There are a few easy-to-find tools that you can keep in the garage to repair your plumbing in a pinch. Tools like plungers, wrenches, tubing cutters, hacksaws and thread tape are must-have household tools that can bail you out of a plumbing problem. Many of these tools also have multiple uses, which makes them even handier.

5. Make Cold Protection a Priority

When winter rolls around and brings frigid temperatures, it is possible for the water in your pipes to freeze, resulting in a costly burst. To prevent pipe freezes, winterize your faucet and other pipes. It is also a good idea to insulate any exterior pipes or those passing through your garage. 

6. Get to Know the Pros

While DIY fixes are possible for some situations, there are some plumbing problems you should not try to fix yourself. These issues call for professional assistance. Not knowing who to call can cause more damage than a poorly executed DIY job, so get to know the best plumbers in your area. 

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