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Why Your Dishwasher May Be Leaking

Why Your Dishwasher May Be Leaking

A leaky dishwasher can cause significant inconvenience in your daily routine. If you have been coping with a dishwasher leaking under the sink by washing dishes by hand, it may be time to find a better solution. What Are the Most Common Causes of a Leaking Dishwasher? Fortunately, finding out why your dishwasher is leaking is easy. There are a few common causes, and understanding the specific reason will bring you one step closer to fixing the problem.

1. Unsealed Door

The door's seal is a main component that keeps water inside the appliance. Seals become worn out and less effective over time. They can be replaced, but you will need to identify which seal is the issue first. An upper seal is easy to fix, whereas a lower seal will require a professional plumber to remove the door.

2. Blocked Filter

Another common reason your dishwasher may be leaking is a blocked filter. Clogged filters occur if the appliance has completed a large number of cycles without a cleaning due to food particle buildup. The filter is located at the bottom, and it is easily removed so it can be replaced. To prevent a blocked filter, clean it approximately once a month.

3. Clogged Pump

Like the filter, pumps can also become clogged over time. Pumps are responsible for draining and circulating water. When they become blocked, it may cause the dishwasher to leak. Pumps have a top and bottom propeller that can show visible signs of damage if they need to be replaced. Replacing a clogged pump is a complicated process, so hiring a professional is a smart option.

4. Misaligned Dishwasher

Is your dishwasher sitting unevenly between your cabinets? This misalignment can make it difficult to shut the door, which may lead to potential leaks. To find a solution, you will need to check the dishwasher's vertical and horizontal levels to match your surrounding cabinets.

6. Dysfunctional Water Valve

If your dishwasher is leaking when not in use, it may be a sign of a dysfunctional water valve. Because valves transport water from your home's line to the dishwasher, any issues with this component could result in a leak. On most models, water valves are typically located on the front of the appliance under the bottom plate. If a valve is leaky, you will likely see signs of corrosion or water damage. You might a valve, you will need to turn off your water and contact a professional to replace it immediately.

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