Do Drain Hair Catchers Really Work?

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Everyone with long hair knows the nuisance of unplugging your drain every few months because of built-up hair. Many people try to prevent clogs with a drain catcher.

We cover everything you need to know about hair catchers for shower drains.

How Drain Catchers Work

Drain catchers prevent hair from going down the drain. The hair collects in the protector instead of sliding down the pipe, where it can get stuck and cause a clog.

Types of Drain Catchers

There are two main kinds of drain hair catchers that have their pros and cons:

  • In-drain: You install these catchers in your drain to hide them. The design has one significant drawback — you cannot see when the catcher is full and needs to be cleaned. If you have a combination bath and shower, you also may want to skip this kind, as you have to take out the catcher to use the drain stopper.
  • Screen-style: These easy-to-use screens cover your drain and require no installation. Since they are easy to put in, they are also easy to pull out, and they may not stay in place. They are also visible and can be distracting.

Why Drain Catchers Sometimes Fail

Can hair go down the shower drain even when you use a catch? The short answer is yes. A hair catcher may fail when:

  • The catcher gets dislodged. Silicone, plastic and metal catchers often slide out of place.
  • The catcher is the wrong size. It may not block the hair if it is too big or too small.
  • The catcher breaks down from wear and tear. You might not realize it is broken before a clog forms.

Alternatives to Drain Catchers

Prevention is the best medicine for clogs. Limiting the amount of hair near the drain is the most effective method to avoid drain clogs. Brush your hair before you get in the shower if you have long hair. Using low-oil products on your hair can also reduce the amount of clog-causing grease in the drain.

You can also use drain solutions to keep your pipes open. Pour boiling water and grease-cutting soap down the drain to break up deposits as needed.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse Can Fix Clogged Drains

Your best efforts still may not prevent your pipes from getting clogged. Contact us today, and our licensed plumbers can assist you with cleaning them out.