5 Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

Hard water has a high mineral content because it has passed through deposits of gypsum, lime, or chalk. While hard water is not dangerous, having soft water means pleasanter showers and fewer mineral deposits inside pipes, water heaters, kettles, and showerheads.

If you have hard water in your home, you may notice a residue on your skin or hair or scales forming in jars with standing tap water. You can resolve your hard water issues by installing a water softener.

What Are Water Softeners?

Water softeners are tanks with ion exchange resin. As water passes through this resin, calcium and magnesium ions in the water are replaced with potassium and sodium ions. These ions do not cause the issues associated with hard water.

Some of today’s hard water softeners also contain additional water filters which remove chlorine and other contaminants. If you are concerned about water quality, a system with both water softening and filtration may be right for you.

A Water Softener Can Result In:

  1. Better drinking water

Water softeners can make drinking water taste better and, in turn, can improve food cooked with tap water.

  1. Healthier skin and hair

Hard water has minerals that make it harder for shampoos and soaps to dissolve, which can leave a film on hair and skin. With a water softener, your skin and hair are less prone to soap buildup, dryness, and resulting dermatitis.

  1. Efficient pipes and appliances

Soft water does not create scales and buildups on the inside of pipes and inside of equipment such as dishwashers, helping your appliances run more efficiently and last longer.

  1. Less spending

With soft water, you may spend less on replacement appliances and soap, which will be more efficient. In addition, your energy bills may be lower because of no limescale inside your appliances. Even your clothes budget will go further with a water softener because soap buildup will not form as easily between the fibers, prolonging the lifespan of your clothing.

  1. Easier cleaning:

Soft water allows soaps to form suds, so cleaning is easier, and you can use less soap. Water softeners also prevent scales and buildup on showerheads, appliances, and bathroom tiles.

Learn More About Our Water Softener Installation Today

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse offers water softener installation. The members of our team are licensed plumbers who have been certified by Onondaga County to detect plumbing leaks and any other plumbing-related projects. Contact Mr. Rooter today to professionally install a water softener, or contact us to learn more about our services.

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