10 Basement Ceiling Ideas for Old Home Pipes

Do you have old pipes in your basement? Many houses do, and while some appreciate the rustic look, most homeowners want to cover up those eyesores. Learn how to hide old pipes in your basement with these ideas.

10 Ideas to Cover Old Pipes

With a little creativity, you can make your basement look modern and beautiful with these ideas.

1. Add a Coat of Paint

Painting the pipes black will make them blend in with the background better, and you'll get a sleek, modern look for your home.

2. Put up Wood Planking

Wood planks look great on floors, so why not use them on the ceiling? You can cover up the pipes and add a fresh dimension to your basement.

3. Embrace Tin

Tin can provide a new level of sophistication, with fun patterns and a quiet charm that makes your basement feel more unique.

4. Try Corrugated Metal

If you have a low ceiling in your basement, try corrugated metal, which will give the illusion of greater space.

5. Choose Tiles

Decorative tiles give you a pretty coverup. If you match the tiles to what you have upstairs, you'll get uniformity throughout your home.

6. Use Wooden Beams

Wooden beams look terrific in any room, and they're especially helpful when you try to cover up your ceiling. Pick beams that contrast with the backdrop color for an extra pop.

7. Share in the Shiplap Trend

Shiplap isn't just for walls! You can line your ceiling with these attractive planks and cover up the pipes beneath, giving you a brighter, merrier space.

8. Paint the Trim and Only the Trim

You can paint your ceiling's trim to highlight its detail and draw people's eyes away from your pipes.

9. Get Really Creative

If you've got an artistic inclination, no one will notice your piping if you paint a summer sky on your ceiling or put an approximation of constellation locations up there!

10. Add a Drop Ceiling

Drop ceilings have a geometric pattern that attracts attention and will help pull eyes away from where the piping leads.

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