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When Should You Call a Plumber?

May 14, 2016

It’s easy enough to handle many residential plumbing problems on your own — just not all of them. There are times when calling in a professional is the fastest, easiest way to save a buck. We’re not just talking about sweat equity, either. Laypersons aren’t qualified to handle certain tasks, and botched attempts could land you in debt — or worse.

Draining the Hot Water Tank

This is a fairly simple task to complete once a year. Turn off the water and power to the unit, attach a hose, drain the water out and then restart, right? Not so fast. Make sure you know where that water is draining, as well as where it can’t. Cities are beginning to fine homeowners big money for running this spill-off down the drain, but many won’t be able to flush the water into the yard without the help of a pump. Not to mention, turning it on too early or failing to flush out air first could burn out your unit. Of course, you could always call a plumber who, for a reasonable fee, will do all of this for you.

Fixing a Leaky Faucet

It used to be easy to fix a leaking faucet. You just took out the rubber washer and replaced it with a new one. Problem — and persistent dripping — solved! Today’s faucets pose some new challenges to homeowners, however, which make it less of a benefit to fix on your own. For instance, many faucets now require special tools for plumbing maintenance. With certain designs, it would be next-to-impossible to replace the washer without the risk of marring the hardware’s finish. Be sure to weigh the savings of fixing the leak on your own with the potential cost for a faucet replacement.

Managing Sewer Line or Septic Problems

Whether you have a noticeable crack in a septic tank lid or sewage is backing up in your toilets, it’s time to get to higher ground and call in a pro. The bacteria contained in human waste can be deadly. If it’s not contained, sewage can enter groundwater supplies. Just as worrisome, it can leave behind smells and stains. There are plenty of reasons you don’t want sewage leaking into the ground around your home, and you definitely don’t want it filling up in your basement. Plumbers have the equipment needed to get these problems under control right away, and in many cases, to solve them long-term.

Fortunately, Mr. Rooter of Greater Syracuse offers stellar service, whether you’ve made an appointment in advance or need help in an emergency. Our licensed plumbers are certified by Onondaga County for leak detection and all types of plumbing work, so if you’re every intimidated by a problem, give us a call. If it’s something you can fix on your own, we may start solving the problem by providing you with a few easy plumbing tips on the phone.

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