Do you need a septic system inspection? Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Baldwinsville keeps your equipment in good working order. Don’t worry about surprise septic problems or the need for expensive repairs. Once you discover how seriously we take our job and the benefits we offer our loyal customers, you’ll feel confident knowing you’re working with a team of experts. You can save even more by enrolling in our Advantage Plan!

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What Parts Are Covered by Septic Tank Inspections in Baldwinsville?

Most of the septic systems in our area are designed in similar ways. A pump moves waste and wastewater out through your home’s pipes to a holding tank. The tank separates waste into three layers:

  • The top layer is made of oils, fats and other chemicals
  • The middle layer is wastewater
  • The bottom layer is solid waste matter

Wastewater leaves the tank through outlets called baffles and runs to an absorption field, a system which filters the water before it’s returned to the ground. This leaves more room in the tank for waste storage. It also means there are several components of a septic system that can fail, leaving you without safe and effective waste management.

Here are just a few potential septic problems:

  • Pump motors go out
  • Lines clog
  • Baffles break
  • Tanks crack and rust
  • Absorption fields become contaminated with solid waste

A septic tank check in Baldwinsville ensures that proper waste removal and processing is taking place. Inspections can also give you advance notice to any repairs or adjustments you need to avoid potential disasters.

When Should You Have Septic Inspections Performed?

Timely inspections are the key to getting the most value from your Advantage Plan. Septic systems should be inspected every year, with a thorough draining and cleaning every three to five years. By enrolling in our maintenance program, we’ll save your records for easy detection of problems from year to year.

However, you should call Mr. Rooter Plumbing to schedule an inspection whenever you hear, smell or see the following red flags:

  • Septic fumes
  • Chronic clogs
  • Noisy pipes
  • Sewage backup

Along with education and experience, our team of licensed plumbers may also utilize video technology to determine the best solution for any problems your septic system may have.

How Does Mr. Rooting Plumbing Increase the Value of Septic Inspections in Baldwinsville?

With a long reputation, a robust staff of licensed plumbers certified by Onondago County and the tools to do virtually any septic system check in Baldwinsville, NY, Mr. Rooter Plumbing is your trusted source for septic installations. When you enroll in our Advantage Plan, you’ll benefit from:

  • Prioritized service for emergency calls (at no extra cost)
  • Fixed-price, written quotes
  • Special discounts for loyal customers
  • Special promotions for plan enrollees
  • Transferrable agreements that stick with your property

Make sure your plumbing systems stay up and running by enrolling in our Advantage Plan. Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing today to schedule a septic system inspection for your Baldwinsville home!

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