Pushing Clogs Through Pipes

Sink augers push clogs through pipe

If you suspect that an auger is in danger of getting stuck, pull it out rather than pushing and turning farther. It may take four or five attempts before the clog is removed or pushed through the pipe.

If an auger does get stuck, tighten the setscrew and turn the crank counterclockwise. This usually frees it. If that doesn't work push and pull rapidly back and forth.

Mr. Rooter Tips to Share

Tip #1 Once the clog is gone, reassemble the sink's trap.

Tip #2 When you reassemble the trap after cleaning, you need to reseal the threads.

Tip #3 Use pipe joint compound or Teflon tape.

Tip #4 Run water for a few minutes to make sure the clog is completely flushed and the trap is not leaking where it has been reconnected.

Tip #5 It may take some time, but these measures almost always work. If the auger will not come loose after repeated tries, call a professional Spring, Texas plumber for help.

PLUMBING TRADE SECRETS: A toilet auger has a rubber sleeve to protect the porcelain from scratches. It's just the right length and shape to get at clogs inside and just beyond a toilet.