4 Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your Water Heater

Your water heater is one of the most important plumbing appliances in your home. It helps ensure the comfort and effectiveness of multiple daily tasks. However, many people forget about water heaters when thinking about improvements they should make to their homes. Look for these 4 signs that it is time for you to replace your water heater.

Water Does Not Heat Up as Well as Normal

One of the most basic indicators that you need a new water heater is if your water cannot reach the same level of heat that it could previously. Old or damaged water heaters have reduced function and, therefore, a harder time heating up water. Along with being old or damaged, poor heating can mean your water heater is struggling with a misadjusted thermostat, broken heating element, or that the tank in your water heater is not large enough to sufficiently heat the water throughout your entire home. No matter what the specific cause of the issue is, you should consider replacing your water heater.

Noises Coming From the Heater

Noises are rarely a normal or good thing among plumbing appliances. If your water heater is making strange noises such as rumbling, it is having a hard time functioning. Noises coming from your heater are likely caused by sediment buildup, which can often be fixed by flushing the tank. If the noises are still occurring, however, the problem could be more severe and you may need to replace your water heater.

Water Collecting Around the Heater

If water is collecting around your water heater, it is likely that your heater has a leak. Leaks can occur over time if the metal in your heater expands or there is a problem with the piping. Though water heater leaks are not always severe if you can catch them right away, they can cause severe damage if near certain areas of your home and if they go undiscovered for a long period of time.

Your Water Heater is Old 

After a long time, even if your water heater is not showing clear signs of an issue, you should consider replacing it. Water heaters play an important role in everyday life and if it breaks down suddenly or is functioning poorly it will have a significant impact on your home. Additionally, old water heaters often use up more water than necessary. There are new heaters available, designed to conserve water.