Home Plumbing Spring Cleaning Plans

Springtime has sprung in the beautiful state of Texas. While we understand that your first spring cleaning priority is removing the dirt, dust, and clutter from the inside of your home, it is also essential that homeowners in The Woodlands, Texas don't overlook the importance of maintaining their plumbing this spring.

To assist in the process, we have formulated a checklist of simple maintenance tips for homeowners to add to their lists to try and sustain their home's pipes and drains. These tips can help you defend against leaks, save money on your utility bills, and make sure your home is in prime condition year-round. Here are several tips on what you should focus on in specific household rooms.


Make time to view the areas below your sink and ensure your pipe joints are free of leaks. If you see a leak, be sure to get it fixed as soon as you can. A leak left alone can result in many gallons of water waste per day and high utility bills.

Clear out and cleanse slow-draining pipes in your home. If you do not have drain protectors in your sinks already, it is a great idea to go purchase them and have them installed this season. These plumbing accessories can prevent food particles, debris, soap, hair, and other materials from flowing down your drain and creating blockages within your system.

Clean and rinse out your showerhead's aerators to wash out the calcium residue that tends to collect over time.


Look at your sinks to see if there are any leaky joints just as you did in the bathroom. If you detect any issues, make a point to call a professional plumber to resolve the problem before it becomes a larger issue.

Put the hot water on and let it run through your kitchen sink for a couple minutes to clear the drain out.

Administer regular maintenance on your kitchen's garbage disposal if you have one. Begin by dropping ice into your disposal and turning it on. This will help clear the blades of any residue that has accumulated on them. Be sure to check underneath the sink for leaks as well.