Avoid These Top 5 Emergency Plumbing Problems This Winter

Living in The Woodlands, TX doesn’t mean that you don’t see some winter plumbing issues in the area that are commonly related to colder weather. A cold front can come through and bring a winter storm that freezes pipes and causes them to burst! Consider the 5 top emergency plumbing tips for winters in The Woodlands, when you prepare your home for the coldest time of the year.

  1. Frozen pipes are the most common winter plumbing problem. If you have debris or small clogs forming in your pipes already, it is extremely easy for water to become trapped behind a clog and turn to ice. Once your pipes freeze the ice can expand and cause your pipes to burst. This is dangerous for many reasons, but it can cause water damage to your home that may put you in severe debt. To combat frozen pipes, insulate your pipes that are in unheated areas. Also, open your cabinets and allow your plumbing to have more of the heat in your room on freezing days. If you notice frost on your pipes or low water pressure, call Mr. Rooter right away!
  2. A water heater failing in the winter is never fun to replace. If your water heater goes out, consider replacing it immediately, so you aren’t in the cold without warm showers.
  3. Clogged drains are common winter plumbing problems. Have the drains in your home cleaned before the coldest days of the year to avoid a potential broken or burst pipe.
  4. Septic tanks burst in the winter months because of freezing weather or compacted snow above it. If you have the septic tank cleaned before winter, then the chances are very slim that the tank will burst.
  5. A water line leak is typical in the winter if you have older pipes. Contact us right away if you have a leak, so that it doesn’t get worse in the winter months.