Signs You Should Have Your Septic Tank Inspected

Sometimes there is a problem with a septic tank that goes beyond having it pumped. You may notice that your home plumbing system isn’t working well, or there are signs that you have a problem with your septic system on other areas of your property.

  • If your well water seems contaminated, then you could have a problem with your septic system. Don’t use the water and call us right away to have it tested for contaminants. If your water is contaminated, Mr. Rooter can walk you through the process of getting your septic system replaced.
  • If sewage is backing up into your home, then you could have a full septic tank that needs to be pumped. Call for emergency plumbing services! Sewage in your home is a hazard, and you won’t be able to use your facilities until it is cleaned up properly, and any damage is repaired.
  • If you notice that the grass or plants are dead in specific areas of your property and not in others, this is an indicator that there is a problem with the septic tank or drain field.
  • Water pooling in your yard is a clue that there is a clog in your septic system, or your tank is overflowing.
  • Slow drains in your bathroom and kitchen indicate a problem with your septic system. You may also have to plunge your toilets more often!
  • Many times, when there is something wrong with a septic system, you will notice an odor of sewage inside or outside your home. This odor is a good indicator that there is something wrong that needs to have repairs right away.

Contact Mr. Rooter to have the septic tank at your house in The Woodlands, TX, inspected to see if it needs repair or replacement services. We will come to do a thorough inspection so that you have all the answers you need and offer you options to solve the problems with your septic system.

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