Top Reasons to Call for Emergency Plumbing Help

There are many reasons to call Mr. Rooter in The Woodlands, TX, for emergency plumbing help this fall, but some of them are more severe than others. Consider the risk to your safety and home when you have a plumbing problem and call right away if the problem is severe!

  • If there is a leak and your home is flooding, or there is a risk of flooding in your house, then you should call for emergency plumbing help. Flooding may happen because of a burst pipe, sewer back up, a broken water pipe, or a sump pump that isn’t working correctly.
  • If you have sewer backing up into your house, then there is an emergency that requires a professional plumber. Sewage in your home can cause health problems for your household. You also can’t use your plumbing until a plumber fixes the problem.
  • If your water isn’t working, you have a plumbing emergency. A house without water could be because of a broken water line, or you may have frozen pipes. If you don’t have water, your home can’t function properly.
  • If you have a pipe that seems like it is about to burst, or it is frozen, then you should call for emergency plumbing services before it gets worse.
  • If you don’t have any hot water, then you have a plumbing emergency. Call Mr. Rooter to have your water heater repaired, so you and your family can have hot water again.

It is essential to know where your water shut-off valve is so that you can shut off the water if there is an emergency. Shutting off the water will limit the amount of damage in your home while you wait for emergency plumbing services.

Consider having your pipes cleaned, and plumbing inspected this fall so that you lessen your risk of having a plumbing emergency during the colder months of the year.