Typical Sewer Line Problems for Fall

Once fall starts in The Woodlands, TX, homeowners need to start working on getting everything for the coldest and stormiest months of the year. A sewer line can cause significant problems at any time of the year, but it is the hardest to fix in inclement weather. Preventative maintenance is the best way to make sure your sewer line stays in excellent condition throughout the fall and then winter.

Common Sewer Line Issues for The Woodlands, TX This Fall

  • Drains get clogged. Plunging should usually work. If you must keep plungers by your drain for regular use, then you probably have a sewer line problem.
  • If flushing the toilet or running your faucet makes your other drains gurgle or overflow, then your sewer line is probably clogged.
  • If you notice changes in your yard, then you could have a sewer leak or break in your sewer line. If sewage leaks into your lawn, then you will see greener grass, brighter plants, and more pests around your yard. Leaky sewage usually has a smell when it is outdoors too, so if there is a leak underground, then you should smell it.
  • If you notice water damage around your home, a crack in your foundation, or a crack in a wall, this damage may be because of a sewer line break. Many times, the structural damage is noticed first and then needs major repairs to make sure the home is safe again.
  • If you think your sewer line needs repairs or cleaning, then it probably does. Annual service is the smartest way to maintain your home plumbing. If you tend to have more problems during certain times of the year, schedule your service before that time of year. If your home is old, then having your sewer checked in the fall and spring is ideal!
  • Grease can cause a hardened layer on your pipes, which won’t move unless it is flushed with hot water or you have drain cleaning services.