What Is HydroScrub Jetting and Why Should Your Business Consider It? | Mr. Rooter The Woodlands, TX

If you own a business, the proper functioning of your plumbing system and sewer pipes isn’t just a convenience—it can affect your livelihood. When you notice frequent clogging, water pressure issues, and other signs of impending disaster, it’s crucial to take steps to prevent more serious issues before they occur. For these problems and more, Mr. Rooter of The Woodlands recommends HydroScrub Jetting services.

What Is HydroScrub?

HydroScrub jetting is Mr. Rooter’s patented process that provides a full-scale alternative to snaking. Instead of sending a tool into your plumbing system to break up clogs little by little, HydroScrub sends a powerful jet of water through your business’s pipes. This jet is designed to scrub and scour the interior surfaces of your pipes, removing clogs, greasy buildup, scale, and more.

Your technician will access your business’s pipes via the cleanout, the exterior entrance to your plumbing system. Using a hose connected to a tank of water and a specialized machine, the technician will send pressurized water into the system. As it cleans residue from your pipes, it—along with excess water—will drain back into the wastewater system with your plumbing system’s natural gravity.

Why Consider HydroScrub?

While snaking and rodding procedures are effective for some clogs, most commercial systems see a much larger volume of use than a typical home. As a result, many businesses experience excessive greasy or oily buildup, large clogs, and additional scaling that can pose serious issues for plumbing systems. In addition, organic blockages such as small tree roots can cause clogs and prevent natural water flow.

HydroScrub technology from Mr. Rooter in The Woodlands can safely and effectively clear debris of most types from your business’s plumbing system. Our technicians will arrive on-site, inspect your system, and proceed with your HydroScrub service only after determining that extensive tree root intrusion or other issues aren't compromising your system. This process is safe for your pipes and sewer line, allowing you to get your business back up and running safely and as soon as possible.

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