Everything You Must Know About Plumbing Video Camera Inspection in Dallas, TX

Something is wrong with your sewer pipes, but you don’t know what. Maybe you're hearing strange noises or smelling bad odors coming from your drains. Perhaps you've got a stubborn clog that won't go away no matter how much you plunge. But how do you see what is causing it? This is where an expert team steps in with a plumbing video camera inspection. Dallas homeowners will be intrigued to learn what this advanced device will enable them to see.

In the past, getting to the root of a problem with your sewer lines was a costly and time-consuming process that often involved digging massive trenches to expose the exterior of the pipes and check for issues. Sometimes, even that wouldn't be enough, and the pipes would need to be cut into (or disassembled) in a messy and damaging inspection that could cause more trouble than it solved.

Fortunately, your local Dallas plumber has the technology to find and diagnose issues with your pipes relatively fast and easily–namely, with a plumbing video camera inspection.

Water line or sewer camera inspection makes it possible to examine the inside of your pipes and find out exactly what's causing them to malfunction so they can be eliminated—instead of just applying a quick fix that wouldn't prevent the problem from reoccurring a few months down the road.

But how does it work? Do you actually need it? Can you just do it yourself? And when are video probes not helpful? We have all the answers to your questions about drain camera services below.

What is a Plumbing Camera Inspection, and What are the Benefits?

When our plumbers inspect your pipes, they insert a small video camera attached to a flexible cable into an entry point such as a drain. Then, they maneuver the camera through the pipe, looking for signs of damage, blockages, or other red flags that help signal any problems. The camera records its journey, allowing the plumber to play back the video so you both can get a good look at what's going on.

The benefits of a video probe include:

  • Detect problems that would be otherwise hidden
  • Extend the life of your sewer lines
  • Avoid costly and damaging plumbing emergencies
  • Save money on your utility bill by eliminating leaks
  • Smooth the process of buying or selling a home

Can I Do A Sewer Inspection Myself?

If you're thinking, "That sounds pretty simple, I can rent a camera and stick it down my drain myself," you're right that you can probably handle the easy part on your own. However, there are two reasons why you need an experienced professional to actually complete the sewer line inspection. 

Over time, the inside of your sewer lines become caked with build-up from hard water deposits, grime, hair, and other substances that make it a lot more difficult than it sounds to guide the camera to the point where you'll get useful information about potential damage.

More importantly, all that build-up means that even though you have a clear view of the inside of the channel, it can be very difficult to understand what you're actually looking at. A plumber who has completed many video camera plumbing investigations has the expertise to interpret the video footage and make an informed recommendation about what needs to be done.

Do I Need Drain Camera Services?

While a video probe can't necessarily find every possible issue with your pipes, there are a number of situations where it comes in handy. Here are some key situations where you can really benefit.

Sewer System Backups

There's no doubt that drain line backups are one of the most disgusting and unpleasant things that can happen to your home; and as there are a number of possible causes, it can be hard to discover exactly what is causing the issue. A video camera will be able to detect the most common causes, such as the intrusion of tree roots into the pipe, so your plumber knows what to do to get the sewer system running smoothly again.

Older Homes

If your home is more than about 20 years old and has not had any recent maintenance on the sewer lines, it's safe to assume that there could be trouble in the near future. The saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is never so true as when it's applied to plumbing. Taking a good look at your aging pipes and getting any necessary sewer line repairs done can give you peace of mind that your system will be functioning smoothly for a long time to come.

Selling or Buying a Home

When you're selling a house, having a sewer line video of clean, undamaged pipes that you can play for prospective buyers is a great selling tool to reassure them that they won't find any nasty surprises in the sewer system after they move in.

Conversely, if you're buying a home and the seller has no evidence that the sewer lines are in good condition, it's a good idea to include an inspection of sewer lines as part of the home inspection so you have a clear idea of whether sewer maintenance will be an additional cost in the purchase.

What Can the Video Probe Not Cover?

Video cameras are a useful tool when you need to diagnose problems with your drain lines, but they can't detect every problem. The camera can get a pretty good view of the inside of the pipe, but it can't:

  • See damage or detect threats on the outside of the pipe, such as exterior cracks
  • See-through murky standing water caused by obstructions inside the pipe
  • Get a perfect view of all areas, particularly where it needs to go around a corner

That being said, in the hands of an experienced plumber, sewer video scopes are a useful tool in many situations. If you're still not sure that you need a sewer camera inspection, talk to our friendly staff—they have the expertise to assist in determining if a video probe will be helpful in your situation.

Plumbing Video Camera Inspection Can Find Damage and Potential Issues in Your Sewer Lines – Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing Today

There's nothing positive about sewer system backups and all the other nasty, unsanitary problems that can occur with your sewer lines. Save yourself time, money, and stress with the preventative maintenance of a video probe or get to the root of an issue that's already occurring—and eliminate it for good.

Give Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas a call today or request a job estimate for a plumbing video camera inspection in Dallas. We'll show you why we're the number one choice for plumbing experts in the Dallas - Fort Worth area, including Garland, Carrollton, and Irving.