Dallas Sewer Line Replacement

Ever thought that you might need a sewer line replacement service? Most of us have dealt with a nasty clog in our plumbing fixtures at some point or another by either attempting to get rid of it entirely, loosening it, or completely ignoring the sticky situation. They might haphazardly assume the clog will somehow disappear on its own. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, this will only result in the worst-case scenario like a sewage backup or other sewer line issues, including tree root intrusion or old age.

Property owners can depend on a qualified, licensed, and fully insured Dallas plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing for an expert sewer line replacement. Homeowners will discover that our trustworthy team members are well-equipped with the skillset, techniques, and knowledge for a professional sewer line replacement.

Our Dependable Sewer Line Replacement Services

As a local and independent franchise, we have served Dallas and nearby areas of Allen, Ferris, and Irving for 33 years and counting for residential and commercial plumbing services, including our expertise in sewer line replacement. We always advocate for our clientele, as evidenced by our quality workmanship and outstanding customer satisfaction for sewer line replacement. Being a transparent and accredited plumbing services provider, please note that we will never upcharge you for overpriced and hidden fees as we only offer transparent, upfront pricing alongside a one-year parts and labor guarantee. If your pipes happen to fissure for whatever reason after the fact of your sewer line replacement, residents can expect us to return to make the proper adjustments by restoring your sewer line to pristine condition.

These days, a sewer line replacement utilizes contemporary and advanced technology and never requires a dug-out and hideous trench on the outskirts of your property line. As a historical fun fact, trenchless sewer line replacement technology was invented in the 1970s in the United Kingdom and is innovative in the sense that it eliminates the need for excavating your home’s property to access the sewer lateral. For a sewer line replacement, we will, at most, make a couple of incisions. Plus, the added benefit of our Mr. Rooter Plumbing-approved plumbing services is that our tactile plumbers are more efficient and will complete your sewer line replacement within a standard business day, so you don’t need to worry about staying at a hotel for the time being.

How Mr. Rooter Plumbing Approaches A Standard Sewer Line Replacement

Residents who are extra vigilant and observant about how they treat their wastewater drainage pipes will slim to none and require a sewer line repair. Homeowners who aim to actively avoid being exposed to contaminated wastewater crammed full of bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, and germs must not be complacent and ask for a sewer line replacement.

Plumbing Inspection And Diagnosis

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we like to go by the mantra of preventative maintenance, that is, participating in routinely scheduled maintenance activities to prevent the likelihood of problems arising shortly. Or, to be frank, fixing things well ahead of them before they break. Dallas homeowners must, at the very least, sign up for an annual professional inspection and drain cleaning service to reduce their chances of needing a sewer line replacement, let alone ever encountering a clog. By practicing routine maintenance, for example, by allowing a trained plumber to clean and clear away any built-up debris, including any obstruction which would otherwise impede the flow of water and rust and corrode the pipe material itself. But even the most diligent homeowner cannot avoid the wrath of sewage backup, which may have wreaked havoc on their drainage pipes. For example, you may have purchased an older home in which the previous landlord barely bothered to do upkeep of their plumbing system, let alone take care of any clogs. If that’s the case, you need sewer line replacement. It’s critical to allow a professional plumber to thoroughly inspect your home’s plumbing system and its wastewater lines and to potentially get rid of any clogs before they proceed with a sewer line replacement.

Our clients can expect our attentive plumber to fully assess the following:

  • All plumbing fixtures, including toilet, sink, bathtub, shower
  • All water-based appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters, etc.
  • Filtrations systems, including the water softener
  • Sewer cleanout
  • All water supply and drain lines
  • Emergency mechanisms, including the backwater valve, sump pump, and storm overflow

Upon completion of your plumbing inspection, you will be provided with an official list of recommendations for repairs, replacements, and installations, which will help you prioritize if a sewer line replacement is suitable for your needs at the moment. Apart from uncovering a clog, an inspection also lets us gather useful clues about the exact circumstance of a broken sewer pipe and the most effective methods for a possible sewer line replacement. However, be aware that a professional inspection only gives us a bird's eye view of your drainage lines and does not allow us to hone in on any nitty-gritty details of a damaged sewer pipe. Sometimes we have to take a plunge into your sewer lines before we can commit to a sewer line replacement, for example, through a drain camera inspection.

Video Camera Inspection

A plumbing inspection will give your agile plumber the gist of the most difficult areas of your drainage lines. Following this, a video camera inspection will magnify the most problematic areas for not only a difficult clog but any broken pipes. Usually, for a sewer line replacement, a drain camera inspection is mandatory rather than optional, as besides highlighting the damages to your sewer line, it also helps to differentiate deeper clogs from more shallow ones. Our expert plumber will insert a small video camera attached to a flexible cable and bright LED light to be maneuvered around the twists, turns, and crevices of your drain pipes only to record real-time and HD footage and display it on a CCTV monitor for you to witness. As the camera tracks any damages in your sewer line, it will transmit a signal receiver which will indicate which areas have the most troublesome clogs that need to be removed before we can attempt a trenchless sewer line repair service. At the end of the day, we don’t know what’s brewing in the deep lagoons of your drain lines, so it’s best to take extra precautions to scrub away any clinging debris and scrub away intrusive clogs. If anything, for a Dallas sewer line replacement, a drain camera inspection will allow us how to best acknowledge damages rendered and how to most effectively approach a pipe relining or busting to replace the damaged portion of the pipe.

Pipe Relining And Pipe Bursting

Lastly, after playing an inspector gadget of sorts, we will finally conduct a sewer line replacement. Property owners have, up until now, realized the amount of effort we have invested toward gathering information regarding the nature of the broken and damaged sewage pipe. All of this extra preparation is crucial to go ahead with the sewer line replacement. As mentioned above, we won’t have to actually remove the entire sewer line but only replace it piece-by-piece in fragments. For starters, for pipe relining, we will utilize a flexible tube with an inflatable pouch that spans the entirety of the damaged and old pipe and directly insert it. Moreover, your nimble plumber will inflate the pouch to the point in which it aligns with the walls of your sewage pipe. After it has hardened and cured, the inflatable pouch is removed and leaves behind a durable pipe lining. Particularly, pipe relining is most effective for minor damages such as hairline cracks, fractures, and small holes. Furthermore, if we find that the damage to your sewer line is more extensive and widespread, we will move forward with a pipe bursting. But don’t fret! We won’t ever use dynamite explosives, and it’s a safe process. Instead, we opt for hydraulic fracturing for your sewer line replacement, in which we will break away damaged parts of the old pipe and make space for a brand-new one. We interweave a durable and robust pipe, all without having to physically remove and cut out the old one.

Why Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas Is The Best Choice For Sewer Line Replacement!

Although a sewage backup is one of the most unfortunate plumbing crises you can face, it can all be averted so long as you are keen on preventative maintenance, for example, by inspecting, cleaning, and managing your drain lines. Oftentimes it cannot be helped, however, and a sewer line replacement is inevitable. Mr. Rooter Plumbing’s experienced team members will give you the verdict after your no-obligation consultation on how to best proceed with a sewer line replacement. Our Dallas clients can expect one of our uniformed plumbers to arrive promptly for their service appointment. We understand, too, that a sewer line replacement occurs at the most inopportune of moments, like during a holiday or long weekend–but no sweat! We can accommodate your flexible schedule, including any 24/7 emergencies, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Whether you’re in Garland, Richardson, or Farmers Branch, our plumbing team has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Line Replacement in Dallas

Why Is A Sewer Line Replacement Compulsory?

The be-all, end-all of unresolved clogs leads to your household’s dirty and used wastewater being hurled back into your home’s basement and water-based fixtures and appliances. Mostly, a clog is due to tossing down an object that you must otherwise be more mindful of instead of throwing into your trash can or composter. Over time, this accumulation of debris and residue coalesces into a solid blockage that readily lingers on your pipe’s walls. If not for your daily routines and behaviors, a clog is also the result of a heavy rainstorm that may have led to flooding, only made worse if you have an old and broken sewer line in need of repair or replacement. Either way, it’s best to be proactive about the aftermath of a rigid clog or potential flash flood, or else you risk a sewer line replacement due to a damaged and collapsed sewer line.

What Are Some Telltale Signs Your Sewer Line Has Collapsed?

  • Multiple, slow, or sluggish drains
  • Gurgling or bubbling sounds
  • Frequent and tedious clogs
  • Foul odors wafting from plumbing fixtures
  • Damp and discolored patches on ceilings due to burst pipe
  • Mold or mildew growth on ceilings and walls
  • Wall cracks due to an impacted foundation
  • Pest invasion
  • And the most obvious sign is dirty wastewater being spewed from your plumbing fixtures!

Is A Burst Sewer Pipe Covered By Insurance?

This depends on your insurance services provider and the extent of the damages rendered. Most home insurance companies normally cover cleaning and repairs due to the aftermath damage of a burst pipe. But there may or may not be a disclaimer that they will only provide partial or complete coverage based on whether or not the plumbing problem was sudden and accidental. It’s always best to confirm this beforehand with your insurance agent and ask what exactly is included in your contract.

What Does A Sewer Line Backup Look Like?

From the early onset, you tend to notice you have slow drains more often than not, especially if you find your sinks, showers, and bathtubs take forever to completely drain away. This highlights that something is severely wrong with your drainage lines, and an obstacle is blocking out the sewer pipe and preventing wastewater from flowing through. And if you fail to address a sewer line replacement sooner or later, your plumbing fixture, such as your shower head, will begin to spurt out raw sewage water during your next shower.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing Will Fix Your Sewer Line And Save You From The Wrath Of A Sewage Backup!

Let’s face it–none of us want to encounter a scathing sewage backup that will only transform your property into a boggy marshland. Be adamant and inquire about a sewer line replacement at your earliest convenience so you don’t have to become vulnerable to raw and contaminated wastewater.

Feel free to contact one of our courteous customer service representatives who will gladly schedule your sewer line replacement service appointment. Or they can even inform you of our other residential and commercial services, from drain cleaning to clogged drains and water heater installation, as we hope to serve you!

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