Dallas Garbage Disposal Installation

Most of us scrape away our dinner leftovers in the trash can or compost pail before rinsing off our dishware and cutlery in the kitchen sink with a second thought. But many Dallas residents don’t realize that the leftover food residue on your plate won’t simply disappear once it’s been cleared off–instead, it will trickle into the sink with debris eventually accumulating inside the wastewater pipe. In the worst-case scenario, you may encounter a nasty clog lodged and deep-seated within your kitchen sink’s p-trap. Even if you insert a basic drain catcher, it’s not foolproof and food particles can still sneak their way into your pipe due to sticky fats, oil, and grease. That’s why it’s convenient to get a garbage disposal installation service. This grinding unit is situated within the sink itself, allowing for a cleaner and faster way to get rid of food waste.

You can rely on a licensed and fully insured plumber in Dallas, TX from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas for an efficient installation service from start to finish. Plus, if you ever need help with plumbing maintenance, including garbage disposal maintenance, repair, or replacement, we are your team. With regular cleaning and an annual inspection, you will rarely encounter any blockage issues. If your current system is over a decade old, it may need to be updated to a newer and more efficient model. For a new garbage disposal installation, homeowners can count on our local pros to get the job done.

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Our Garbage Disposal Installation Services

If you’ve run into a sticky situation, your best bet is to ask one of our expert and experienced team members for a professional garbage disposal installation. Dallas property owners will find that our trustworthy plumbers are well-equipped with the skillset, tactic, and know-how for a garbage disposal installation, no matter the feat. We always advocate for our clientele by offering superior products and services, performing quality workmanship, and striving for outstanding customer satisfaction. If you are hesitant about hiring a professional contractor, feel free to book a no-obligation consultation and recall that our transparent, upfront pricing, alongside our one-year parts and labor guarantee, ensures that you have little to lose. If your new system happens to go bust within that time, we will return and make the appropriate adjustments to your garbage disposal installation.

At times, it’s not always so apparent there is critical damage on your garbage disposal as the device itself slowly deteriorates over time. As such, some homeowners become indifferent and even downright ignore getting a plumbing inspection. Others assume that they can usually do a quick hack to restore their system to proper order, not realizing that it’s a safety hazard to use their fingers if they don’t know what they are doing. Even if you recover the leftover food garb sticking to the blades and underside of the device, it doesn't mean that you don’t have a glitchy motor or faulty wiring.

Common Garbage Disposal Issues Where We Recommend a Replacement:

Odd Noises

Once you have turned on your device and hear any unusual sounds, such as subtle humming, buzzing, or whirring sounds, it’s likely the impeller is jammed, usually due to a solid object between the shredder ring and the impeller plate. The humming sound is concerning as it tells us although the motor itself is intact, the blades may be unable to move and function properly. So despite your device being powered on, if you have no frayed electrical wires, the blades may not be turning and twisting due to a clogged blade or motor leading to a failure to grind.

Frequent Resets

The average garbage disposal device lasts upwards of 12 to 15 years for those who are keen on routine maintenance. So if your device is reaching the last of its days, you may notice that you have to push the reset button more often than not and these repetitive attempts to flush down food waste may be tedious. If anything, this indicates the motor is weakening and needs to be replaced with a professional garbage disposal installation. Dallas homeowners should note it may be due to bad electrical wiring as well. Either way, you must not delay and swap with a garbage disposal installation to restore optimal performance.

Consistent Clogs

This goes in tandem with the odd noises as you can tell your garbage disposal is clogged if the motor is humming but the unit itself is not grinding at all, it is way too noisy and stops spinning before you even turn it off. If the device is jammed from a blockage, don’t bother running it all as it can burn out the motor. The only way you can reduce the likelihood of a garbage disposal installation is to remain extra vigilant about what you wash down your kitchen drain and be sure to ban the following items:

  • Coffee grounds or tea leaves
  • Pasta or rice
  • Small animal bones
  • Nuts, seeds, and shells
  • Fruit pits
  • Any peels, including potato, onion, or banana peels
  • Eggshells
  • Any string fruits and vegetables like celery

Foul And Lingering Odors

If you inhale a putrid smell from your kitchen sink every time you stroll by, it’s due to food waste that has not been fully and thoroughly disposed of. Once food particles are left to fester within the device itself and are unable to drain to the sewer later. This will likely result in foul odors. If you’ve had to pinch your nose due to a wafting sour smell, it’s due to organic decay which is probably smelling up the whole kitchen. Although you can try home remedies such as pouring boiling water down the drain or even sprinkling in some vinegar and baking soda, these are only temporary solutions and do not save the fact you need a qualified garbage disposal installation. Dallas residents don’t want to trigger an allergic reaction due to these toxic fumes, so it’s best to not be complacent about a garbage disposal installation.

Lackluster Performance

If you can’t tell by now from the strange sounds to whiffing in bad odors, sometimes your device is too broken beyond repair and will bypass these signs of deterioration. For example, if there is a burning smell of literal smoke fuming from the unit, the motor or motor capacitor is damaged. This explains why your device is jammed due to a clog, usually found in the grinding chamber, causing the motor to overheat. If your garbage disposal is just too slow, it may be that its parts from the motor to the impeller blades are slowly receding and wearing out, and you require an expert garbage disposal installation.

Water Leakages

Should you find that water is beginning to pool under the kitchen sink or even that the cabinet area in and around the sink is more damp than usual, you must investigate the leak. If the leak is towards the bottom of the sink or from the sides the leakage is normally reserved to the spot where the drainage line is attached to the side of the garbage disposal. Sometimes the internal seal of the device wears out due to rust and corrosion and loosens up, and you need to tweak it with a quick fix. However, it can be more cost-effective to ask for a new garbage disposal installation instead of a repair.

No Power

And last but not least, if your garburator won’t turn on at all if you press the switch even after hitting the reset button on the bottom or side of the device which serves as a miniature circuit breaker–it’s likely there is a problem with the wiring. Sometimes if your device becomes overloaded its reset switch will trip to stop any further damage to the unit. And so, this serves as a failsafe safety mechanism to protect the device itself. If we discover that the fuse has blown out and your device is no longer salvageable, we will recommend you proceed with a garbage disposal installation. You will save yourself the hassle of frequent and costly repairs by asking for a quality replacement from your local Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas.

Why We Are the Dependable Choice For a Garbage Disposal Installation in Dallas

Although you can live without a garbage collector so long as you practice good manners and dedicate yourself to tossing away your food leftovers into the composter, a garbage disposal installation is an added convenience most residents don’t want to miss out on. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, our reliable service professionals will show up suited and booted ready to replace your garbage disposal with a shiny new one.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garbage Disposal Installation

Are Garbage Disposals Necessary?

A garbage disposal pulverizes food scraps such as peels, seeds, crusts, and rinds into bit-sized pieces enough, so they can flow into your wastewater pipes and onto your main lateral with the debris finally being expelled to the municipal sewage system. But your system is not bulletproof, you can’t haphazardly assume that it will annihilate any solid or liquid item you flush down the sink. Despite the sole purpose of your garbage disposal device being to crush food waste, so it can be washed down the drain. Some Dallas homeowners maltreat their garbage disposal and assume it’s a replacement for their need to compost leftovers. As a result, they find that sooner or later they are in dire need of a garbage disposal installation. Typically, a garbage disposal device is firmly fixed beneath your sink and is designed to collect any solid food waste in a grinding chamber. The chamber itself has a sharp spinning desk or impeller plate that spins rapidly to push any food against its wall, similar to a blender that crushes fruits and veggies to make a smoothie. Although it’s useful as a self-cleaning mechanism for your kitchen sink, it’s not everlasting and can break down and malfunction if your food leftovers are not properly disposed of. For example, any animal bones from your chicken or fish dinner can jam the blades themselves, throwing a wrench of sorts in the garburator. So long as you are mindful of what you toss in and practice moderation, you will slim to none ever clog your device let alone suffocate it beyond repair. Sometimes however the damage rendered is too much, and it’s more worthwhile getting a garbage disposal installation over a repair, for example, it may be that your garburator has gone kaput, and it’s not a matter of tweaking its impeller plate, blades, or electrical wiring or power switch. If your unit showcases hairline cracks and fractures, small holes, and leaks, it may be about time to sign up for an upgrade for a new garbage disposal installation.

What Are the Warning Signs I Need a New Garbage Disposal Installation?

Dallas homeowners who have noticed any of the red flags don’t procrastinate and ask their local plumbers for a detailed inspection and second opinion.

  • Bad odors, including burning or smoking smell due to a burnt-out motor capacitor
  • Mold, mildew growth
  • Sluggish or slow drains
  • Cracks, holes, and leakages
  • Strange noises
  • Clogs
  • Random puddles of water around the kitchen sink
  • Age
  • Frequent repair needs

How Long Should You Run The Water After Using The Garbage Disposal?

It’s always a good idea to run water down the drain whilst you are running your garbage disposal to fully flush out any leftover food residue. If you choose not to, any food scraps can get stuck within the drainage pipes. Run the tap water for approximately 30 seconds to flush out the food leftovers and follow up by sprinkling some baking soda to freshen up the kitchen sink area.

Does A Garbage Disposal Ever Get Full?

Yes–a garburator gets backlogged because the wastewater line within the drainage pipe gets jam-packed with food waste, resulting in a potential blockage that impedes the flow of water. If your device is barely running or stopped working altogether, the most likely culprit for a nasty clog is in the drain or p-trap, which is the U-shaped pipe that is located beneath the discharge pipe of your kitchen sink.

Why Do I Need A Garbage Disposal Anyway?

Besides being a quicker and more convenient way to dispose of food waste and prevent lingering odors, garbage disposal also reduces your eco-footprint as you will find yourself tossing out less food into your trash can and eventually the landfill. Plus, it may not be foolproof, but it does effortlessly get rid of any smaller, sticky food residue that would otherwise accumulate into a nasty clog with your wastewater drainage pipes.

Trash No More! Rely on Mr. Rooter Plumbing’s Garbage Disposal Installation Service!

We know that doing the dishes and cleaning up after ourselves is incredibly boring and just another routine chore. But by being keen about our plumbing fixtures, we can readily avoid costly permanent and water damage due to a leaking and broken garburator. Whether you’re in Richardson, Garland, or Hebron, go ahead and reach out to one of our courteous customer contact representatives who can best advise you on our residential and professional plumbing services apart from a garbage disposal installation. Feel free to also inquire about our popular drain cleaning and sewer backup services.

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