Leak Detection in Dallas, TX

Your plumbing system’s essential purpose is to keep you healthy, safe and comfortable. It supplies clean water for consumption while removing wastewater from your home in Dallas. But your plumbing system is more vulnerable than you think, because anything can happen to your pipes, and one of the worst potential problems is having leaks in Dallas. Leak detection is a difficult job that requires specific skills and expertise. Your experienced Dallas plumber offers the reliable plumbing services you need for leak detection in Dallas. Our uniformed experts are licensed and insured, making us one of the most trusted local plumbing companies.

You can count on our expert team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas to fix any plumbing issues in your home, from tree root infiltration to sewer backups, clogged main drains, burst pipes and leaks. Early detection is key for all those problems. Taking immediate measures will keep you and your family safe from contamination and other hazards. Our team is ready to help you spot hidden leaks and implement long-lasting, effective solutions for leak repairs.

About Leak Detection in Dallas

Leak detection is the process of looking for a hidden water leak, often within a section of underground pipes and other plumbing lines located beneath your foundation slab and behind your walls. To find a plumbing leak, we rely on sound technology and leak location tests that include hydrostatic testing, infrared and laser technology. This allows us to focus on sounds behind walls, ceilings and floors.

Types of Equipment Used For Leak Detection in Dallas

Acoustic Listening Equipment

This technology is a safe, non-invasive leak detection method that uses a ground microphone to differentiate leak sounds from normal flow sounds, whether behind walls or under concrete slabs. This way, your experienced plumber can closely estimate the affected location and provide accurate leak detection in your Dallas home. You will be able to witness our extraordinary ways of plumbing inspections with fast results!

Video Camera Inspection

Sewer cameras are reliable damage detection tools that help identify pipe material, age, and locate clogs and any items that might have fallen down the drain. With the help of the signal receiver, plumbers in Dallas can measure how much cable went down the pipe before spotting the affected area. This enables them to accurately diagnose any sewer line issues, along with pinning down the location. Though the drain camera alone is unable to detect leaks, it is a great help combined with actual leak detectors.

Thermographic Imaging

This cutting-edge tool is designed to provide our professionals with heat maps that locate areas with surface temperature changes which are crucial for our Dallas leak detection services.

Soil Probes

This is a special Dallas leak detection device that allows plumbing technicians to listen for pressurized water shooting into dirt surrounding water or sewer lines. It can help determine the severity of the damage so that we can decide whether we can perform a trenchless repair like pipe lining or if you require more traditional excavation-based repairs.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing For Leak Detection in Dallas?

Leak detected in pipe underground in Dallas property

Mr. Rooter Plumbing has been around since the early 1970s with the goal of providing local communities with exceptional plumbing services that go above and beyond. From preventative maintenance, such as drain cleaning and sewer cleaning, to effective plumbing repairs, like water heater repair and sewer backup mitigations, our certified technicians are here to deliver guaranteed workmanship and excellent customer service. As your locally owned and operated plumbing company, we are committed to excellence, expertise, and efficiency. Trust our high level of professionalism to get the job done right the first time!

FAQs About Leak Detection in Dallas

What Types of Leaks Should I Watch Out For?

Dallas leak detection gets more challenging when it happens behind walls or concrete where you’re unable to see the damaged line. These problems are the most severe and could cause major damage to your home’s structure and foundation. As soon as you notice a problem in these areas, bring it to the attention of your expert plumbers.

Slab Leaks

This is a serious issue that should be investigated and fixed as soon as possible. To effectively locate the area where you need a slab leak repair service, your local plumber will conduct a series of leak detections. Dallas has soil that contains clay minerals that absorb water, and thus it expands; as it does so, it moves and bends pipes. If they weren’t properly installed, chances are they will begin to leak below the concrete beneath their home. The technical term for this is hydrostatic pressure, where water is drawn by gravity and will continue going downward, which could create more soil shifting problems. This pressure will eventually find its way through cracks in the slab, and you’ll see wet spots in your walls and ceiling or warping subfloors. Some important signs of a slab leak in Dallas include:

  • Increased energy bill
  • Running water in the walls, ceilings or floors
  • Foundation cracks
  • Musty smells
  • Unusual wet patches on lawn

They can go unnoticed for a long time unless you have noticed the signs above and requested Dallas leak detection services. A licensed plumber may also notice something out of the ordinary during a routine maintenance checkup.

Water Lines

If you hear running water behind your wall and ceiling, you will need to turn off your supply line. Often, our ears are the greatest help with leak detection. Dallas, Texas, homes with broken water lines could face serious property damage, as well as a sudden spike in their utility bill.

A water leak can go undetected until signs of property damage creep up. Regularly scheduled maintenance is the best way to prevent potential water damage in Dallas, along with taking preventative measures to ensure your water lines are protected against damage.

Natural Gas Line

As long as gas-powered water heaters are installed properly, there shouldn’t be a concern. Yet, damaged natural gas lines are still a safety hazard that must be considered. While natural gas is naturally odorless, some gas companies add a rotten egg smell to help people with gas leak detection. Dallas residents who ever smell gas in their homes must evacuate immediately and call a professional for leak detection and repairs.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can be particularly insidious and damaging if left unaddressed. They often occur due to various reasons, such as damaged shingles, deteriorated flashing, clogged gutters, or even structural issues with the roof itself. When included in the context of Dallas leak detection, it's essential to emphasize the following aspects of roof leaks:

  • Hidden Damage: Roof leaks can often go unnoticed for an extended period, allowing water to seep into the attic or crawl spaces. By the time you notice water stains on your ceiling or walls, significant damage may have already occurred.
  • Structural Consequences: These leaks, when left unchecked, can compromise the structural integrity of your home. Water damage can weaken the wooden framework, rot insulation, and create an environment conducive to mold growth.
  • Health Hazards: The moisture from roof leaks can lead to mold and mildew growth, which poses health risks for you and your family. Prolonged exposure to mold spores can cause respiratory issues and allergies.
  • Costly Repairs: Repairing roof leaks can be expensive, especially if the issue has been neglected for some time. Addressing the problem promptly can save you money in the long run.

What Are The Leading Causes Of Leaking Pipes?

Some of the leading causes of plumbing issues in homes and buildings are as follows:

  • Stubborn Drain Clogs: Stubborn drain clogs can disrupt the flow of water and waste through your plumbing system. These blockages are often caused by the accumulation of debris, hair, soap scum, or grease in pipes. Over time, they can lead to slow drainage or complete blockage, necessitating professional plumbing assistance to clear the clog effectively.
  • Slab and Foundation Problems: Plumbing issues associated with slab and foundation problems can be particularly challenging. Leaks or damaged pipes beneath the concrete foundation can go unnoticed for extended periods, causing significant structural damage. These issues often require specialized detection and repair techniques.
  • Frozen Pipes: In colder climates, frozen pipes are a common plumbing concern during the winter months. When water inside pipes freezes, it can expand and potentially burst the pipe, leading to leaks and water damage once the ice thaws. Proper insulation and preventative measures are essential to avoid this issue.
  • Corrosion: Over time, pipes can corrode due to chemical reactions with water and other substances. Corrosion weakens pipes, leading to leaks and, in severe cases, pipe failures. Identifying and replacing corroded pipes is crucial to maintaining a reliable plumbing system.
  • Loose Joints or Fittings: Loose joints or fittings in plumbing connections can result in slow leaks that gradually worsen over time. These leaks may not be immediately noticeable but can lead to water damage and mold growth if left unaddressed. Tightening or replacing these components is necessary to prevent leaks.
  • Water Hammer and Unstable Pressure: A water hammer is the sudden, loud banging noise in pipes when water flow is abruptly stopped or redirected. It can occur when valves close rapidly, causing pressure surges in the plumbing system. Unstable water pressure can lead to a range of plumbing issues, including leaks, damaged fixtures, and even burst pipes. Installing pressure-reducing valves and water hammer arrestors can help mitigate these problems.

Understanding these common causes of plumbing issues can help homeowners and building managers take proactive measures to prevent them. Regular maintenance, inspections, and prompt repairs by qualified plumbers are essential for ensuring the integrity and longevity of your plumbing system while minimizing the risk of leaks and other plumbing-related problems.

What Are The Typical Trenchless Repair Methods?

There are various options for trenchless pipe repairs, but it will all depend on the ultimate diagnosis. Some typical repair techniques we offer include:

  • Pipe Rerouting: Cutting into existing pipes and repositioning them
  • Trenchless Technology: Either pipe lining or pipe bursting to rehabilitate the damaged pipe using the trenchless method.
  • Slab Tunneling: Another form of trenchless repair where your local plumber will dig a small tunnel to treat the affected area.
  • Excavation: This includes breaking through concrete to access broken pipes.

Which Plumbing Fixtures Are Prone To Leaks?

This is where Dallas leak detection is made easy for homeowners. Even if you don’t mean to take your plumbing fixtures for granted, it’s easy to turn a blind eye to dripping fixtures because you use them every day, from taking a shower to flushing the toilet. However, the daily use of plumbing fixtures will eventually result in wear and tear despite routine maintenance. We offer routine inspection services for all the fixtures and lines commonly affected by leaks, during which we not only examine your drain lines but also thoroughly inspect your plumbing fixtures’ valves and fittings to ensure they’re in decent condition.

Leaky Faucet

A grease clog affecting sink drains isn’t the only problem you need to worry about. A leaky faucet can appear anywhere in your home, from your upstairs bathroom sink to your main floor kitchen sink. You might have a damaged cartridge valve that could be corroded or suffering from sediment buildup. Or, your aerator might have collected hard water deposits. Worn-out O-rings or washers are also possible culprits.

Leaky Shower Head

Is a dripping shower head giving you nightmares? That’s not the only issue; you could lose hundreds of gallons of water over the course of a year if you don’t fix that plumbing issue. The cause of a dripping shower head is likely a broken shower valve in need of a new faucet valve or cartridge. For this type of problem, you may also need additional inspections for potential damage behind your walls.

Water Heater

We have all probably experienced an unexpected cold surprise in the shower one morning because our heater failed to provide hot water. An issue with this unit could affect your entire plumbing system, and it could also cause serious water damage, so it’s important to get it inspected and fixed as soon as possible. Common areas of concern include the bottom of the unit, the pressure relief valve, and the drain valve.

Washing Machine

Is there a musty smell coming from inside your washer drum? Or is there a puddle behind your machine? You might have rusted or loose hose connections or require pipe repair for a damaged drainage pipe. If it stops mid-cycle, turn your washing machine and supply line off. Inspect the hoses behind the machine to see if they might be damaged or corroded.


Toilets are directly connected to the main sewer in your home, which means that leaks, cracks or clogs should never be ignored, as they could indicate serious sewer problems. Depending on the type of toilet, tank parts like the fill valve or flapper often require repairs or replacement in the case of leaks. When you have a suspicion your sewer line is to blame, count on our expert plumber to identify the root problem using expert tools for Dallas leak detection services, including a video inspection camera.

How Do I Prevent Leaky Pipes?

We offer plenty of preventative maintenance services at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas. We always strive to offer our clients the best, long-term solutions to enhance their lifestyles. You can rely on our drain cleaning and plumbing diagnosis and inspection services to identify and detect problems before they worsen and create more damage, including leak detection.

Dallas technicians at Mr. Rooter Plumbing are proud of their preventative solutions and efficient maintenance services, using advanced technology like the sewer inspection camera and HydroScrub® Jetting to get the job done. If we ever discover anything that either needs repair or replacement, we always offer our customers the most cost-effective options with long-term benefits.

For peace of mind, here are some preventative maintenance tips that our Dallas leak detection team offers to help you stay on track. These will help you witness warning signs early before they spiral out of control.

  • Occasionally check your water meter box
  • Regularly inspect your plumbing fixtures for leaks
  • Scrub drain openings clean with baking soda and white vinegar mixture
  • Refrain from using chemical drain cleaners
  • Regularly clean your garbage disposal

Is Dallas Leak Detection An Emergency Service?

It can be! Plumbing emergencies can vary in Dallas, from a backed-up shower drain to a foundation leak. If any disaster occurs on your property, it will be your responsibility to call for help. When it comes to needing that emergency service, you can always rely on our Mr. Rooter Plumbing’s 24/7 emergency plumber.

We never charge overtime fees, and our customer service reps are available day and night to take your call. Whether your water pressure has dropped or there is water seeping through your ceiling, one has to act fast and investigate the underlying issue before it gets worse and adds more to your repair cost. Our team of expert technicians is available to help all the property owners and residents in Dallas and the surrounding areas whenever you need us. We have seen it all, and we already have a solution ready to meet your Dallas leak detection requirements and emergency pipe repairs.

Need Expert Plumbing Leak Detection in Dallas? Look No Further Than Mr. Rooter Plumbing!

Whether you have leaking pipes or a dripping shower head that is robbing your good night’s sleep, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas is ready to provide quality service with excellent results. We use high-end technology for our plumbing solutions and are available 24/7 for any emergency services. You can rest assured that you won't ever have to wait in line for reliable expert services. We proudly serve Dallas and many surrounding areas, including Plano, Garland and Highland Park.

Give us a call today to speak with our friendly customer service representatives if you need help with effective leak detection in Dallas, Texas. As a property owner, you are in safe hands with our reliable plumbing solutions. We are the most trusted plumbers in Dallas for a good reason.

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