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After a tiresome day, you are hoping to relax and unwind–but first, self-care is essential, so you do the usual of cleansing your face to get rid of outdoor pollutants, including dirt, oil, and debris which is all chock-full of bacteria, viruses, and other impurities, which would otherwise clog your pores. But little did you realize that once you turned on your bathroom faucet, a flush of ice-cold water had pierced and prickled your hands and face! Of course, the default reflex is to turn off the tap and be taken aback by this cold rush. If anything, you’ve got a wake-up call as cold liquid is pretty much useless for washing your face and you require at the very least tepid or lukewarm water to scrub clean your facial skin pores as cold water will not cleanse off any grime and dirt whatsoever. Once you’re done fidgeting with the hot setting on your faucet, you may even trek down to your basement utility room to uncover the culprit, only to find you have no clue how a water heater operates. As a last resort, you may be tempted to call your on-call utility company’s emergency technician, who is already overwhelmed and backlogged with service requests, to come and assess the plumbing problem. They finally do arrive belatedly hours later, they may try a trick or two. But more likely than not, they will ultimately recommend a water heater repair.

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Dallas residents can save themselves blood, sweat, and tears by cutting to the chase and signing up for a water heater repair from a qualified, licensed, and fully insured Dallas plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas, whose professional team members are well-equipped with the skillset, technique, and knowledge to restore your unit to pristine condition. Inevitably, we all expect a burst of hot water to effortlessly flow from our taps and shower heads, so it can be unnerving to discover your home’s fresh water supply is not quite as stoked and comfortable as it once was. Dallas homeowners are best advised to participate in the proper upkeep of their home’s plumbing system, including routine maintenance of their unit through an annual professional inspection and cleaning service. Nowadays, hot water is not considered a privilege but a necessity as it boosts our comfort and daily routines alongside saving you the big bucks on soaring monthly utility bills once you fully comprehend how much the Dallas water heater allows for your home’s energy efficiency.

What Is Water Heater Repair And Why Is It Important?

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Although water heaters have an average lifespan of 10 years for gas-powered units and 15 years for electric-powered units, they are not indestructible and will eventually begin to showcase the initial signs of decay. If you have a tank-based unit, it can accumulate sediment buildups, such as limescale and mineral deposits resulting in discolored rust and corrosion. Sometimes your growing family may not be accommodated by the smaller tank size and you may need to upgrade to a tankless or electric version. Regardless, mending your old unit by tweaking loose nuts and bolts can greatly enhance its effectiveness for a water heater repair. Dallas property owners oftentimes go into panic mode once they find they are all tapped out of hot liquid, which is given as it's an everyday staple we are so accustomed to. But if they are proactive and get a water heater repair early on, they won’t ever have to deal with a plumbing crisis. Sometimes Dallas residents make haphazard assumptions and only believe what they see and wager a wild guess that they have used up all the hot stuff after a long hot bath and their heater system requires a short break or resting period so it can recharge. Not to be the bearer of bad news but this couldn’t be more incorrect. Having to awkwardly wait after a hot shower or carefully deciding when to turn on the dishwasher or clothes washer at off-peak periods close to midnight has absolutely nothing to do with why your unit is busted and not as efficient as it once was. Responsible homeowners will go into problem-solving mode and understand they require an expert water heater repair. Dallas clients will realize that there is a faulty component on the unit itself from the snuffed-out pilot light or glitchy thermostat. If anything, they know their unit is slowly deteriorating and won’t make lame excuses and be due diligent about a Dallas water heater repair.

Our Dynamic Dallas Water Heater Repair Services

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Adequate heating is not something that you should ever compromise on and you won’t have to if you’re keen on preventive maintenance, which will preserve the longevity of your unit until its recommended expiry date. Before your unit goes completely kaput, it will exhibit telltale signs of its old age, such as faulty components, which explains why it takes forever for you to receive hot water, if at all. Lately, if you’ve noticed your water heater is making strange gurgling noises, has discolored or rusty water, there are random puddles of water from leakages, lower water pressure, foul odors and you find yourself dealing with tedious repairs more often than not–these are all obvious signs it's nearing the end of its life. But no frets! Our trustworthy plumber can customize a solution for your water heater repair. Dallas homeowners will find they may churn out a couple more years out of their unit before going head first for a pricier water heater installation.

How Do We Approach Water Heater Repair?

If you suspect your unit is on its last legs, it’s best to be results-oriented and ask for a Dallas water heater repair, as rightly ignoring the plumbing problem will only make things worse, for example, your basement flooding. Sometimes getting a unit repaired is the more cost-effective route compared to a replacement, as not only will fixing any small cracks, fractures or holes extend its life by a couple more years, but you will save money on water consumption. For a water heater repair, Dallas clients can expect us to perform the following for our area of expertise:

Versions Of Water Heaters

Dallas homeowners have the choice of either opting for a classic tank-based unit or a modern tankless unit. Either way, both versions can be powered by gas or electricity but have different approaches in how they do so.

Tank-Based: These versions are known for being more so dormant as they heat a bundle of water beforehand and keep it in storage until it's ready to be doled out to your taps. The only downside is there is a short resting period, as the unit has to bootstrap itself before it can distribute hot liquid once more. It comes in a wide range of sizes to accommodate the size of your household and family members. But if you overlook doing the tiresome chore of cleaning it can easily rust and corrode and sooner or later, you will require a Dallas water heater repair.

Tankless: This is preferred for the modern-day Dallas homeowner as it's more convenient, giving you instant access to hot liquid and rapidly delivering the hot stuff as soon as you require it. There is no random hiatus for it to recharge, unlike a tank-based version. The heating system tops up with cold water and is instantly flamed hot again to the mandatory threshold level. Although more expensive, if you have a larger family size or guests staying over for the holidays, this would be the better option.

Types Of Water Heaters

Your house already has either a gas or electric water heater, both of which have their pros and cons.

Gas: A gas-powered system is boosted hot by a burning fire sitting at its base as it ripples hot air through a chimney sweep. The hot burst is transported throughout your home’s water supply and flows out immediately at the moment you turn on your tap to the red setting. Whilst hot water is streaming out, colder water is reshuffled back into the heater to be stoked hot once again. You will know your gas unit has a malfunction and needs a water heater repair, Dallas property owners must note if there is a glitchy component or it may be the rest period required for a tank-based unit. It’s best to ask a certified Dallas plumber for a verified inspection and water heater repair before self-diagnose the problem on your own. Gas units are more inexpensive and have a lower installation cost. They also work great as a backup for emergency power outages. But buyers beware, they do require more maintenance and frequent cleaning to remove residues such as carbon soot and limescale deposits and tend to break down more often than not especially if they are just the basic tank. If you forgo this task of clean sweeping your unit will quickly rust over, leading to permanent damage.

Electric: Many modern homeowners are making the transition to electronic units and this makes sense expressly given their energy efficiency and being environmentally friendly. An electrically powered system transfers cold water to its dip tube and ignites the liquid hot using thermal energy via the heat out pipe. Water is sparked hot as it transports the thermal energy through the drain lines attached to your taps. Admittedly, electric heaters are more expensive, but for a good reason–there is lesser maintenance compared to their gas counterparts. Although you are shelling out more cash for the higher upfront installation cost, you are saving on your monthly utility bills. The only thing to be mindful of is that you are done for in a power outage and these units heat less water per hour due to a short rest period in which it takes time for the heater to launch. But once it does start up, it gives a plentiful amount of hot liquid!

Why We Are The Dedicated Choice For Water Heater Repair

Nobody wants their nighttime routine rudely interrupted at the last minute, all thanks to a busted unit. Don’t live a meager lifestyle either thinking you are being budget savvy by skipping out on a professional plumbing service. Remember, a water heater repair Dallas homeowners will discover is a win-win solution as they improve their daily well-being and comfort alongside saving money on their utility bills. And in fact, the polar opposite is true if you avoid a Dallas water heater repair. Our experienced team members will show up uniformly and promptly and even accommodate 24/7 emergency services, as unlike your utility providers technician, we are not tardy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heater Repair

What Is The Most Common Problem With Water Heaters?

By far, water leakages are the biggest plumbing problem, as most water heaters will eventually begin to leak if you aren't keen on routine maintenance. If you notice any loose or broken components on your unit, they will result in a leak. Specific versions, and combinations thereof, of units such as tank-based and gas-powered water heaters, must be cleaned of their sediment buildup, including carbon soot, as if this is ignored, it will result in leakage.

What Regular Maintenance Should Be Done On A Water Heater?

  • Flush out your unit at least twice per year
  • Drain your tank-based unit to remove any sediment buildup that has accumulated at the bottom of the tank
  • Inspect the anode rod once in a while
  • Adjust the water temperature by toggling the thermostat
  • Check to see if the pilot light is still lit by opening the access panel and if it is not, then proceed to reignite it once more

What Shortens The Lifespan Of A Water Heater?

Apart from not cleaning your unit, hard water also does a number on your water heater and can reduce its lifespan by a couple of years. For example, if you’ve witnessed white limescale buildup on the appliance itself, you have a problem. This can be remedied by installing a water softener system.

Your Homemade Spa Requires Hot Water–Mr. Rooter Will Hook You Up With A Water Heater Repair

We are at your behest for a Dallas water heater repair so you can go back to your normal routine. Don’t give yourself an iced facial you never asked for. Whether you’re in Dallas or nearby areas of Cedar Hill, Ferris, or Duncanville, reach out to our courteous customer service representatives to schedule a consultation or service appointment or learn more about our residential and commercial services from drain cleaning to clogged drain repair.

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