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Are you having problems with your home’s plumbing? If your kitchen sink is clogged, your water heater has stopped working, or your toilet won’t stop running, our professional Carrollton plumbers can help.

We understand how much you rely on your plumbing system every day—from doing laundry to washing the dishes and getting ready for work. Having problems can range from feeling annoying to being outright dangerous. That’s why our highly trained experts are equipped with the tools and the skills to solve all your problems.

When you hire the team at Mr. Rooter, you can trust that we will fix your Carrollton plumbing concerns correctly, while respecting you, your home, and your loved ones. We will arrive on-time to our appointment—or as soon as possible in the event of an emergency. We’ll take care to keep your home as clean as possible during the job and tidy up after project completion. We promise to treat your home like it’s our own.

Learn More About Our Carrollton Plumbing Services

Every time you take a shower, do you find yourself standing in three inches of water? Do your drains take forever to clear? Or perhaps your water has stopped working and you don’t know what to do? If you are experiencing problems, our expert team has solutions. Each of our Carrollton plumbers are highly trained, courteous, and efficient. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service to all of our customers.

Water Heater Installation

Tired of cold showers and high energy bills? It’s likely time to invest in a new Carrollton water heater. A new water heater enables you to enjoy warm showers—but only if it’s installed correctly. There are many issues that arise from incorrectly installed units, including water damage, scalding temperatures, and even a fire. It’s best to leave installing a new device to the professionals at Mr. Rooter.

Our experts can install the following water heater varieties:

  • Gas

  • Electric

  • Tankless

Additionally, we can install units of all makes and models while ensuring we adhere to building codes, local laws, and regulations.

Clogged Drain Services

When you have a clogged drain that inhibits your ability to use your kitchen sink, wash up in the bathroom, or you’re stuck with standing water during a shower, it’s understandable that you’d feel annoyed and inconvenienced. But did you know that having multiple clogged drains could indicate a bigger problem, such as a backed-up sewer line?

At Mr. Rooter, not only will we be able to clear-out your clogged drains and pipes, but we can also check for any underlying concerns. Additionally, we offer thorough pipe cleaning services with the help of our cutting-edge HydroScrub® jetting technology, which is the most effective method for drain cleaning available in the plumbing industry.

Keep your eyes out for the following signs of a clogged drain, which indicate you should call our service professionals immediately:

  • Standing water in your sink

  • Pools of water on the floor by your bathtub or sink

  • Bad odors emanating from your sinks and drains

  • Bubbling toilet when you use the sink

  • Gurgling drains

  • Pools of water forming around your shower drain

  • Slow draining water

Emergency Plumbing Services

Plumbing emergencies almost always happen at the most inconvenient times. Whether on a holiday, in the middle of the night, or right before a big event, it’s almost as if your system knows the worst time to break down.

That’s why our expert plumbers are available 24/7 to help the local community. Whether your washroom has flooded in the middle of the night, you notice your yard has started to smell like sewage, or you have a clogged toilet that has overflowed in your bathroom, our qualified plumbers have it covered.

When you call the courteous team at Mr. Rooter, one of our emergency plumbers will arrive at your home as soon as possible. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to access a plumber when you need one, so we ensure we always have someone available to assist in emergencies. Dealing with an emergency is stressful enough. Our company would never pile onto that stress by charging for overtime. We value putting your safety and peace of mind first.

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Photos from Our Customers

When you’re having issues with your plumbing system, it’s imperative that you hire a Carrollton plumber you can trust. At Mr. Rooter, we believe in earning that trust. That’s why we ask all of our customers to document the work we complete, so that you can see for yourself our proven results.

Water Heater Installation in Carrollton, TX

Large white water heater installed by Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas

When your water heater stops working, it’s important to hire a qualified Carrollton plumber to replace it promptly and correctly.

Clogged Drain Services in Carrollton, TX

Kitchen sink filled with dirty standing water due to a clog

Clogged drains are downright annoying—and they can indicate a more serious problem. Our Carrollton plumbers will be able to clear your clogged drains while also checking for any underlying issues.

Emergency Plumbing Services in Carrollton, TX

Broken outdoor pipe spraying water into the yard

When you have an emergency, our qualified plumbers in Carrollton, TX, are there to fix the problem and give you and your family peace of mind.

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Whether you need help fixing a leaking faucet, your hot water has stopped working, or your shower drain is clogged, our expert Carrollton plumbers are up to the task. Whatever plumbing problem you’re dealing with, we can solve it efficiently and correctly. Give our team a call today at 214-838-8232 orrequest a job estimate today to get started.

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