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Septic Tank Information – Things You Should Never Put in a Septic Tank

Septic Tank Information – Things You Should Never Put in a Septic Tank

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Managed properly your septic system should give you no trouble but you must be very careful about what you put down your drains. Knowing what should or should not go down into your tank is vitalseptic tank information and will save you from expensive septic tank problems.

Limit the amount of solids

Too many solids flushed down your toilet will make your septic tank fill up very fast. Avoid putting anything like sanitary napkins, dental floss, ear buds, cigarette butts, disposable diapers, paper towels, tampons or cat litter down your toilet. Even coffee grounds are a ‘no no’. As a general rule you should avoid putting anything into the system that will not decompose easily.

Be careful with the garbage disposal

Many people don’t know this important bit of septic tank information but you should avoid over-use of your garbage disposal. If you must have a garbage disposal then try to have a top-of-the range model that grinds the waste really finely. This will speed up decomposition and help to prevent septic tank problems. Failing that, consider setting up a compost bin for your kitchen waste!

Take care with household cleaners

Another important piece of septic tank information is to take care with choosing the cleaners and chemicals you use around your home. Your septic tank depends on ‘friendly’ bacteria to function properly and the problem is that many disinfectants, bleaches and household cleaners are specifically designed to kill bacteria. To avoid septic tank problems, use organic and biodegradable household products wherever possible. Never put drain cleaners into the system – just a small quantity of these harsh chemicals can wreak havoc on the bacteria and cause septic tank problems.

At all costs do not put hazardous substances into the system

Never ever put paint, paint thinners, gasoline, or motor oil, into your septic system. This is the ‘kiss of death’ to a septic tank.

Avoid putting grease and fat into the system

It may surprise you but grease and oil can spoil a septic system by clogging up the drainfield and polluting the surrounding soil. The polluted soil is then unable to do its job of absorbing and processing liquids from your tank. Serious septic tank problems can ensue and you might even have to replace the system.

Do make sure all your household are aware of all the above bits of septic tank information. If everyone is careful then you should be able to avoid septic tank problems.