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Septic System Installation in Camillus, NY

Septic System Installation

Homeowners tend to ignore their septic tank systems until there’s a problem, and they often consider the installation of a new septic tank or absorption field the ultimate solution. Unfortunately, without adequate planning, your new septic solution can still become a problem in no time.

What Is a Septic System Installation?

Septic system installation is the process of placing a septic tank or another system and related equipment to transport and partially treat your home's wastewater. Septic tanks are made of concrete, fiberglass or steel.

Confirm whether you need specific permits or approval before installing a septic system by contacting your health department and health inspector. Depending on where you live, your local government may enforceminimum size requirements based on the number of people who can live in your home. In Camillus, a two-bedroom home must have a 750-gallon tank. Four-bedroom homes have a 1000-gallon minimum, and each additional bedroom requires another 250 gallons of capacity.

Benefits of Septic System Installation

Property owners install a septic system to replace an outdated septic tank or while building a new home.

Are you planning how you will handle wastewater on your new property or considering a replacement for your current system? Consider these benefits:

  • Compliance with local regulations: New constructions require a septic system, but existing homes may need an update to meet local standards.

  • Cost efficiency: A new system requires less maintenance than an old tank, reducing the cost of upkeep.

  • Eco-friendliness: A correctly functioning septic system keeps wastewater from contaminating nearby soil.

How Often Should You Get a Septic System Installation in Camillus?

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Several factors influence your septic system's life span, including its type, material, proper installation and regular maintenance. A concrete septic tank is the most durable option and generally lasts 20 to 30 years, with well-maintained systems lasting around 40. In comparison, steel tanks are susceptible to rust, somost last around 15 to 20 years. Some components, like pumps, may require replacement earlier.

Your plumbing contractor should be able to estimate how long your septic system will last with the proper upkeep. You can also take steps to keep the system functioning for as long as possible, including choosing a plumber who can create an effective septic system design.

Appropriate Septic System Design

There are several different types of septic systems on the market, and Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse is versed in all of them. From cesspools and pits found on the oldest rural properties to advanced new systems utilizing a series of pumps and bacteria to quickly break down waste, we know which upgrades or repairs you’ll need. If you need a replacement, we can recommend the best option for your property.

Much of this depends on why you’re replacing older equipment to begin with. It may be that your family has grown or a natural disaster damaged what was already in place. You may have moved into a home that used to have fewer occupants or simply had equipment that was nearing its end of use.

Here are just a few indicators your septic system will have a short life:

  • Your land is near a source of water

  • The soil is often moist

  • There are many plants and trees on your property

Efficient septic tank installation in Camillus takes these limitations into account and determines the best components for the land in the design. It takes a true expert with years of experience to customize septic systems to a property — and even the local climate.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing has that advantage, along with the equipment to get the job done right. In short, if you know you’ll be facing challenges, plan for them ahead of time. That way, your new tank and components will likely last for the duration they should.

Extending the Life of a Newly Installed Septic System

Replacing old equipment or redoing a drain field are major jobs. Make sure your new septic system lasts as long as possible by following these helpful reminders:

  • Have your tank inspected every one to three years by a trained professional. Mr. Rooter Plumbing employs licensed plumbers who hold certifications in Onondaga County for detecting leaks and completing other plumbing jobs. We also have the right plumbing tools, such as our plumbing cameras, capable of detecting leaks and clogs.

  • Pump your system every three to five years or as directed by your installer. Solid waste, grease, hair and other matter that makes its way into your septic tank eventually has to be removed. This is the number one way of extending the life of your septic system, so speak with a professional on how often this task should be done.

  • Avoid flushing items that could cause clogs or disrupt your system. Caustic chemicals found in everyday cleaning supplies can be surprisingly powerful. The wrong item used in the wrong amount can wipe out your septic tank’s beneficial bacteria and lead to major problems. Likewise, items you can flush down a toilet can clog your system, such as excess water or prescription drugs.

How Mr. Rooter Plumbing Can Help You

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, our licensed plumbers take pride in installing a septic system you can trust. We are fully equipped to install, inspect, maintain, repair and replace your system throughout its life span. Our team has served our communities since 1970, and we leverage that experience to bring you quality work at upfront, flat-rate prices.

Beyond installing your septic system, our plumbers offer friendly, professional service and clear, honest communication that establishes trust. We seek long-term relationships with our customers, and our team earns them. We are as committed to courteous, expert professional service as we are to maintaining your septic tanks and pipes.

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When you choose a plumber to install your septic system in Camillus, Mr. Rooter Plumbing will ensure you receive the best option for your property. See the difference for yourself when you schedule a call or request a job estimate from our team.

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