Whether you own a home or run a business in Manlius, New York, you rely on your water heater every day.

If you need a replacement or routine water heater inspection service, reach out to the professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Oneida. Our team is prepared to help you with installations, replacements and maintenance services.

The Importance of Regular Water Heater Maintenance

Water heaters provide round-the-clock hot water and are an essential component of your home or business. Schedule routine maintenance with a professional to:

  • Protect your family: Faulty gas water heater makes carbon monoxide leaks possible. This deadly and odorless gas poses a risk to your and your family's — or employees' — health. Mental fogginess, vomiting and chest pain are symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Other possible indicators include headaches, dizziness, physical weakness and stomach upset. The most common cause of these leaks is an inadequately vented water heater. A professional inspector can ensure your unit is ventilated correctly.

  • Lower water heating costs: Operating a water heater takes a significant amount of energy. An optimally functioning water heater can save you money on your energy costs. Schedule an annual inspection to help keep your unit operating at peak efficiency.

  • Prevent significant issues: When you schedule regular inspections, you can reduce the chances of water heater malfunction. Sediment buildup, corrosion and other warning signs are easy to spot during a routine examination. You can address issues before they get out of hand by hiring a professional technician to come by for a checkup.

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Water Heater Inspection in Manlius, New York

Mr. Rooter Plumbing performs regular and emergency water heater maintenance services for residents of Manlius, New York. Our Onondaga County-licensed plumbers are well-equipped to handle any plumbing-related project and have the experience needed to get the job done right the first time.

When you call us for water heater maintenance, you can count on our team of professional technicians to perform the following:

  • Anode rod inspection: By regularly checking the condition of your anode rod, a technician can reduce water heater wear and tear, improve the quality of your water, prevent leakage and save you money in the long run.

  • A health analysis: The Mr. Rooter Plumbing team will thoroughly discuss the condition of your water heater with you after we clean and inspect the system.

  • A sediment flush: Flushing sediment can improve a water heater's efficiency and lifespan. Residue can make it more difficult to heat your home's washing machine, dishwasher and shower by creating a barrier between the water and the heating elements.

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