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Is your home’s plumbing system due for a routine inspection or do you need efficient plumbing repairs? When your sink is clogged, your toilet won’t flush properly, or your hot water heater won’t work, your local plumbers in Richardson, TX are here to help. Your home’s plumbing system is an integral part of your family’s everyday life, and therefore, it’s easy to take it for granted. But when there is a problem, it can range from a subtle annoyance to a complete emergency. Either way, our experts are here to efficiently and professionally solve your problems by offering thorough plumbing diagnosis and inspection, preventative maintenance and repair services.

Each of our plumbers in Richardson, TX are highly skilled and experienced in fixing a range of plumbing issues. As a locally owned and operated business, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas brings years of experience to every job, along with positive attitudes and respect for you, your family and your home.

When you hire our professional plumbers in Richardson, TX, you can rest assured that your running toilet or broken pipes are in good hands. Not only will we arrive promptly to our scheduled appointment—or as soon as possible to an emergency—but we will also maintain a tidy workspace and clean up after every project completion. We will show up in uniforms and drive a marked company vehicle so you know who you are dealing with. We’ll treat your home like it’s our own and service it with care and diligence.

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Do you have a clogged sink that won’t clear? Or perhaps you have a ceiling leak and are concerned you have a leaking pipe? Whatever questions you have or job you need help with, your local Richardson TX plumbers can help. Our service technicians are expertly trained and will solve your plumbing problems efficiently and correctly.

Drain Cleaning

If you’re noticing you are using a plunger more than usual, any sinks that are slow to empty or you have a clogged sink, it’s a clear sign that you need a professional drain cleaning service. While plunging or cleaning drains with white vinegar and baking soda are typical home solutions, they may not bring long-term benefits if the problems lie deeper down the drain lines.

If you pass this task on to your local Richardson TX plumber, they will use advanced plumbing tools to inspect your system’s health and locate the root cause of any issues. At Mr. Rooter, our diligent and hard-working team will work efficiently to clean your pipes without sacrificing our high-quality work. The products we use are the best in the business and you will get peace of mind knowing that we get the job done right the first time.

Our Drain Cleaning Services Include:

  • Video Camera Inspection — The plumbing inspection camera has been fine-tuned in the last decades and is a flexible, long camera device that can extend down pipes and bend around curves. It enables your Richardson TX plumber to take a closer look at the pipe sections, and material and discover any affected areas. This technique allows us to evaluate your lines, inspect potential problems and even spot leaky pipes with the help of acoustic listening equipment.
  • Powered Augers — Household plungers and drain snakes can only go so deep. We use professional toilet augers to clear nearby blockages and ensure that no damages are caused. When used incorrectly, the spiraling metal shaft can easily damage pipe walls.
  • Hydro Jetting — HydroScrub® Jetting technology is a cutting-edge technology that uses volume and water pressure to clean out years of clogs and debris from your home’s pipes. When your local Richardson TX plumber is done, your system will be like new again.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can be a serious nuisance, especially if you experience repeated clogs that won’t go away. Not only do they inhibit your ability to use your kitchen sink, and wash up in the bathroom or shower without water pooling around your feet, but a clogged drain can also be a sign of a serious plumbing issue—such as a backed-up sewer line.

Put your trust in your local Richardson TX plumber to fix the plumbing repair problem; we offer quality service, fast responses and effective results. Our first step to tackling clogged drains is investigating the underlying problem by using our professional plumbing tools mentioned above. The goal is to eliminate that clog and prevent it from worsening. Before you plunge away and excessively use your snake, be aware that only will this fix your problem temporarily, but you risk damaging your drainage system.

Signs of a clog include:

  • Standing water in your sink

  • Pools of water around your shower

  • Slow draining water

  • Bubbling toilet when you use the sink

  • Gurgling noises

  • Pools of water on the floor by your bathtub or sink

  • Foul odors from sinks

Clogs won’t go away on their own. When they keep coming back, you will need professional service from your local Richardson TX plumber who will give you a detailed diagnosis of any issues, along with repair options and preventative solutions.

Common Pipe Repair Services:

Most of your pipes are buried behind walls and ceilings or underneath your floors. It’s difficult to maintain what you can’t see and by the time problems occur, it might be too late. A burst pipe can go unnoticed for weeks until you notice a spike in your water bill. It can cause structural damage to your property and even flooding. If you hear running water in the walls or ceiling or notice a change in water pressure, check any area where your water line might be visible. Have plumber’s tape or clamps at hand, so you can secure any affected joint areas temporarily until your local Richardson TX plumber comes with long-term repair solutions. Depending on their diagnosis, the permanent solution could be a replacement. In less serious cases, replacing the fitting will also solve the problem. The most common pipe damages that call for repair include:


Clogs and leaks often go hand-in-hand, unless you have aged, corroding cast-iron pipes that are going through deterioration. Sewer backups can create horrendous pressure within your sewer line that could lead to pipe damage and leaks. Our sewer inspection camera will further investigate the affected location and use supporting listening devices to detect leaks.

Slab Leaks

On the other hand, slab leaks are among the most unpleasant leaks that can happen during soil shifting. Due to Texas’s highly expansive soil, soil shifting can affect any plumbing system that’s installed underneath a concrete slab. The signs of a slab leak aren’t always noticeable unless you see wet spots on walls or warping subfloors. Our plumbing repair experts have lots of experience with slab leak detection and can identify it right away. Signs you need experienced plumbers include:

  • Foundation cracks
  • Increased energy bill
  • Running water in the walls, ceilings or floors
  • Unusual wet patches on your lawn
  • Musty smells

Frozen And Sweating

Outdoor fixtures can freeze when you don’t insulate them for the winter. Frozen pipes will only burst if you force your high water pressure through your plumbing fixtures in a rush. If you ever notice decreased water pressure in the middle of winter, do not force it! One preventative measure your plumber in Richardson TX offers is wrap insulation to protect your system from unexpected cold temperatures.

Winterization Tips:

  • Drain your garden hose and hose bib
  • Turn off your hose bib’s shut-off valve and cover up the faucet
  • Protect your pipes with snap-on foam insulation
  • Ensure area is heated

Condensation is also a problem for your cold water lines when there is high humidity in the air. This occurs because the water inside your lines is cooler than the humid air in your home. When hot, humid air comes in contact with your cooled pipes, it releases vapor. The condensation that you see is the result of that hot, wet air that has gathered all-around your home. Not only will it shorten your pipe’s lifespan but it will also damage any surrounding areas like your floor, walls or fixtures. Having a reliable plumber install an anti-sweat valve or insulation will prevent this problem.

Solutions for Sweating Pipes:

  • Insulate with foam
  • Install an anti-sweat valve
  • Get a dehumidifier for the affected area


If you have an older plumbing system made of metal-based lines like cast iron or galvanized steel, your pipes are susceptible to corrosion. Unfortunately, old plumbing will only deteriorate further despite maintenance and temporary repairs. Your plumber in Richardson TX will offer you the most cost-effective solution to ensure your plumbing system will serve you efficiently for many years to come. If you’re concerned about costs or replacement procedures, feel free to share any concerns with your local Richardson TX plumber. You can count on us to do our best in suggesting the most long-lasting solutions that will keep you and your home safe. Leaving these warning signs too long can result in needing emergency plumbing services and lots of water cleanup.

Richardson TX Plumbers’ Repair Trenchless Repair Methods:

Trenchless technology is an important plumbing approach to installing and repairing damaged underground pipes.

  • Pipe Lining: This method describes a non-invasive underground piping method of installing, fixing and rehabilitating damaged sewer lines. It requires your plumbers in Richardson TX to drill two small access points or holes (insertion and reception pits) to access the operational areas.
  • Pipe Bursting: This is another method of repair or rehabilitation where your local Richardson TX plumber uses hydraulic power to destroy the existing, damaged line and replace it with a slightly larger new section.

Despite these methods, they are not always applicable if your lines have gone through severe corrosion or collapse. Excavation is the last resort and includes breaking through concrete to access and replace broken pipes that are beyond repair.

Emergency Services

Plumbing emergencies rarely happen at a convenient time. That’s why your plumbers in Richardson TX are available 24/7 to help the community. Whether your hot water heater has gone out in the middle of the night, or you wake up to discover your bathroom has flooded, or you smell sewage in your backyard, your Richardson TX plumbers will quickly diagnose the root problem and stop it from spiraling out of control.

Once you call Mr. Rooter, an emergency plumber will come to your property as soon as possible. We understand how frustrating it is to deal with plumbers that are not available when you need them. We also know how frustrating it is dealing with contractors who don’t respond to a plumbing emergency or charge you for overtime when you have no control over when your plumbing system decides to break down. With Mr. Rooter, we don’t charge overtime fees because your safety is our priority. You will know the price before we start and put your mind at ease. Sometimes a toilet repair can be a serious issue if it’s your only toilet, our plumbing service experts will give you a great service you’ll remember.

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Photos from Our Customers

When you hire a plumber to do work in your Richardson home, it’s important that you feel you can trust the stranger fixing your plumbing issues. Your expert plumbers in Richardson TX take time to not only earn your business but also your trust. That’s why we ask our customers to document the repairs done by our team. Take a look to see the Mr. Rooter difference:

Drain Cleaning in Richardson, TX

Food particles trapped in the kitchen sink forming a clog.

Do you have slow-moving drains and are worried you might have a clog? Our plumbing experts can efficiently and thoroughly clean your pipes so that your system works good-as-new.

Clogged Drains in Richardson, TX

Exterior view of a clogged main drain line.

Clogs are a nuisance—and recurring ones mean you’re dealing with a bigger problem on your hands that require a certified team to unclog your drains while also checking for any underlying issues.

Emergency Services

Stainless steel shower faucet leaking water.

Plumbing emergencies rarely happen at a convenient time. That’s why we have a licensed plumber in Richardson, TX, available with 24-hour emergency services to help with any urgent repairs.

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There’s no need to further search for a “plumber near me,” because your local Richardson TX plumber has your plumbing problem covered! Whether you need help unclogging a toilet, fixing a blocked sink or replacing a broken water heater, our courteous Richardson TX plumbers are there for you and your plumbing needs, including nearby communities like Plano or Garland. Don’t let a water heater installation project or slab leak repair interfere with your weekend, instead look for our plumbing repair service.

Don’t struggle with an emergency alone or try to fix it yourself, as it could lead to potential injuries and costly repairs. We invite you to give us a call at 214-838-8232 to schedule an appointment today.

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