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Are you looking forward to a lovely weekend enjoying the parks of Garland or maybe an evening at the Granville Arts Center? Now imagine your way out of the house; you notice one of your pipes is leaking. Plumbing problems are often an unavoidable part of being a homeowner. However, you can limit the times you need to deal with them through regular professional maintenance from a reliable plumber.

Garland, TX, residents are in luck. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas is here 24/7 to ensure you can spend your time doing what you want, not what your plumbing forces you to do. Your Garland plumber has never been more straightforward; connect with us, and we will have a technician on site ready to inspect, diagnose and solve your plumbing issue. Now you have to spend your weekend trying to fix the plumbing issue and not doing what you love.

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Why Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Garland?

We’re the top choice for residents of Garland because we’re dependable, reliable, and of top quality. You can always depend on us to answer your call night and day for any plumbing emergency services. Upfront flat-rate pricing and no overtime charges mean you can rely on us for a fair and reasonable price for our services. Our Garland plumbers are experts in their craft, excellent service, courteous, professional, and put customer satisfaction first.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

Most people have found out that a plumbing emergency doesn't happen conveniently in anyone's schedule. You could hear a pipe burst in the middle of the night, wake up with a pool of water in your basement, or identify signs of slab leaks. We have seen it all and, as a response, offer 24-hour service with no overtime charges. That means no matter the day or time; you have a professional emergency plumber. Garland TX property owners can rely on us to arrive fast, offering prompt repair solutions. It won't cost you anymore if it's outside of business hours. That's because we use an upfront fixed rate of charging for our services, saving you from any surprises.

Diagnostic Work

No one likes getting something fixed just to find out another thing broke right after that was missed during the first inspection. That’s why our plumbing technicians will perform a full diagnostic inspection to ensure that everything is working properly and nothing is building up, waiting to cause problems. Our licensed Garland plumber uses advanced video camera technology to perform a non-invasive inspection of your plumbing system, whether it’s slab leak detection or identifying tree roots. This allows us to perform an accurate diagnosis before starting on any plumbing repairs, making sure the proper problem is identified and fixed.

Quality Work and Exceptional Customer Service

When hiring our expert plumber, Garland, TX, residents can rely on their expertise in performing an exceptional job. All our work and parts are backed by our done right guarantee, meaning you know that your repair will last a long time. We offer flexible service options as well as convenient appointments and 24/7 service. You can rest assured we will leave your home as clean as we found it and treat you and your property with the highest level of respect and professionalism.

What Plumbing Services Do We Offer?

We offer a wide range of professional services to help solve any problem you’re having. It could be leaky faucets or the need for water line repair, our expert Garland plumbers are here to help.

Clogged Drains

What if your drain is already becoming or is fully clogged? Have no fear; a plumber in Garland, TX, can be there within the hour to unclog any stubborn drains that you can't unclog or that just keep getting reclogged to perform a drain repair. If you have large obstructions inside your waste system, removing them is essential for getting your lines flowing.

Different sized blockages require different solutions; for example, a powered drain auger can make short work of a clogged drain caused by debris that may have been accidentally flushed or dropped in the drain. Making toilet repair a simple process. A Garland plumber's inspection methods will give you more insight into how big the blockage is and which tools or techniques may be needed to fix your clogged drains.

Drain Cleaning Services

Neglected plumbing lines can be filled with years of buildup from hair, grease, fats, and rust, which causes dangerous corrosion and damages your waste lines. Getting regular maintenance and drain cleaning services from a skilled Garland plumber is important for keeping your plumbing system healthy and your household happy. While other companies may use toxic, harsh chemicals in their liquid drain cleaner to clean the insides, We use a more environmentally friendly approach.

Toxic chemicals have been known to cause damage to the insides of the pipes, eroding them from the inside out. Our drain clearing methods, a combination of our high-pressure HydroScrubⓇ Jetting and our environmentally friendly enzymes (Enzymatic Drain Care™), will have your pipes as clean as they were the day they were installed. Regular drain cleaning from an expert Garland plumber has been proven to help reduce plumbing problems throughout the year.


Garland, TX homeowners should watch out for:

  • Frequent clogs or clogs that can be fixed
  • Gurgling and other strange noises
  • Slow drainage
  • Sewer line backups
  • Foul odors around the kitchen sink or drains
  • Flies around drains
  • Overflowing toilets
  • Mineral buildup in water supply

Water Heater Installation and Repair

Tired of running out of hot water during your shower? Unsure why your energy bills are suddenly so much higher than normal? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, your Garland plumber suggests investing in a new unit or repairing your current one. The shelf life of your average unit is normally around ten years, depending on how well it’s maintained. A new unit will keep your water warm as long as needed and will be more energy-efficient, assuming it’s installed properly.

Incorrectly installing a water heater can lead to more problems than you would expect from a new machine. Water damage, scalding temperatures, or in the worst case, even a fire could result if gas lines have been improperly installed. Luckily, your licensed Garland plumber is here to help. Our plumbing experts can install gas, electric, conventional, and tankless water heaters. We're also experts at adhering to building codes, local laws, and regulations—we will keep your heater safe and legal.

Signs You Need Water Heater Repair or Replacement:

  • Fluctuating temperatures or water not heating up
  • Low or decreased hot water pressure
  • Running out of hot water fast
  • Rust or corrosion in your hot water or around the unit
  • Leaks and puddles around the tank
  • Strange, rumbling, gurgling, or hissing noises
  • Faulty pilot lights
  • Unit is older than ten years, paired with any other warning sign.

Broken Sewer Pipe Repair

Nothing is worse than an unexpected mainline bust for property owners. Everything that uses water is affected; cooking, showering, and even going to the bathroom becomes a challenge. Originally, fixing this problem involved digging up the ground and your lawn to reach any broken pipes, inspect the issue and repair them. Landscaping services were used to fill in the hole and repair the damaged lawn.

Luckily, you can trust our expert plumbers. Garland, TX property owners can rest easy knowing that we have experience with a special kind of sewer repair technique, also known as trenchless technology, to preserve your property. It's a non-invasive process that starts with a plumbing inspection service, using a video camera to identify damage. Our specialized tools are used to replace and repair buried lines without ripping the ground above them. This solution is possible as it holds far more benefits than traditional trench repair methods. Tackling an underground leak repair has never been easier.

What Are The Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair?

  • Repairs take a day or less, keeping your water paused for the lowest amount of time.
  • Less intrusive technique than traditional excavating methods
  • Less damage to your lawn, patio as well as other green areas
  • Less environmental impact
  • Permanent repairs that meet the top industry standards
  • More efficient and less invasive methods save you time and money, especially on additional landscaping costs

What Are The Types of Trenchless Methods?

Technicians are always working on fine-tuning this method to suit every situation and facilitate every repair and replacement procedure. In fact, there are many trenchless repair methods to tackle underground or in-wall pipes, depending on the circumstances. Two of the most popular ones include:

Pipe Lining: This is a non-invasive underground piping method of installing, fixing, and rehabilitating damaged sewer lines. It requires your Garland plumber to drill two small access points or holes (insertion and reception pits) to access the operational areas. An inflatable felt tube is inserted within the busted pipe and will cure in place and recover the pipe’s original functions.

Pipe Bursting: This is another method of repair or rehabilitation where your local Garland plumber uses hydraulic power to destroy the existing, damaged line and replace it with a slightly larger new section.

When Is Trenchless Not Possible?

One of the key components for trenchless to work is a pipe that is still intact despite any damage it may have, whether you want to install a new line or burst the old one from the inside. The trenchless technology won’t be operable if your line is severely corroded or has suffered a collapse. But it may not be too late if you contact your local plumber. Garland, TX homes can benefit from a thorough inspection before any repair options are laid out.

Sump Pump Services

It’s not until you come downstairs to a basement full of water that you realize the importance of a sump pump. Installing a sump pump requires your Garland plumber to dig a sump pit at the lowest point of your home to be effective since this is where the water will travel to. The device will be placed there and will discharge any excess water. Once the water in the pit rises past a certain level, the sump pump kicks in and removes it, disposing of it and preventing the basement from flooding.

Unfortunately, these devices aren't set and forgotten. It requires periodic maintenance to make sure the entire switch system is functioning properly, and nothing is obstructing the float. A plumber in Garland, TX, can help you verify it's working properly. Once the sensor valve detects rising pressure levels, it will send a signal to the system to begin displacing it. If any part of the device isn't working properly, your home won't be protected from catastrophic flood damage in the event of an emergency; that's why it's important to have a professional inspect it regularly.


  • Faulty float switch
  • A jammed or clogged float switch
  • Frozen discharge pipe
  • Power outage (you can back it with a battery-operated unit)
  • Banging noises
  • Old age

How to Prevent Drain and Plumbing Issues

The best way to prevent blockages and keep your plumbing system happy and healthy is by paying close attention to what goes down it. Drain pipes are only designed to handle water, waste, and toilet paper. Food scraps, excessive amounts of toilet paper, fats, oils, and grease are all things that find their way into the pipes that shouldn’t be.

Avoid Flushing:

  • Wet wipes, paper towels, tissues, or flushable wipes
  • Q-tips, tooth floss, or other sanitary bathroom products
  • Garbage
  • Food waste of any kind
  • Dirt, soil, or other outdoor substances
  • Anything other than toilet paper and human waste

These materials will begin to coat the inside of the pipes and slowly attract more materials to form a blockage. Having a Garland plumber clean your pipes will blast away these blockages and also stop any buildups that are happening.

Need A Reliable Plumber? Garland, TX Homeowners, are In Luck!

Why wait until your drain won't clear before calling a plumber? Garland, TX residents, can have one of our expert service technicians come out in no time to diagnose your problem before it becomes something you can't ignore. Whether it's an inspection for a leaky pipe or sewer line inspections, our knowledgeable Garland plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas can help you out, whether you're in Garland or nearby communities, such as Plano, Richardson, or Mesquite.

With parts and service you can depend on, upfront pricing, diagnosis, and 24/7 service, there's a reason Garland residents love us over other plumbing companies. From residential plumbing services to commercial plumbing services, we have you covered.

For more information or immediate assistance, skip the “plumber near me” Google search and give us a call to speak with our friendly customer service representatives.

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