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As a popular suburb of San Antonio with an average population of 4,000 residents, Shavano Park is ranked as one of the best places to live in Bexar County. The rural vibe, parks and nearby amenities are great perks to thoroughly enjoying a laid-back lifestyle. For this reason, over 90 percent of Shavano Park residents happily own their homes. But when it comes to maintaining your plumbing system, you need a trusted team of experienced plumbers who know your area in and out. Your expert Shavano Park plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Antonio knows everything about local plumbing issues caused by soil shifting, water hardness, and tree root intrusion.

We use cutting-edge technology and other advanced tools to provide thorough plumbing diagnosis and inspections, followed by professional drain cleaning services. These are the primary preventative maintenance tasks that we encourage every household to follow. We’re only one call away from helping you get there! As a locally owned and operated business, we only hire experienced and licensed service professionals who have passed their background checks and drug screens, bringing an average of ten years of experience with proven workmanship and excellent customer service.

Whether you have a leaky faucet, frozen pipes or require a routine drain cleaning service, you can expect our uniformed service technicians to arrive on time for our appointment in a clearly marked company van. This way, you will know who you are dealing with.

Professional Shavano Park Plumber For Maintenance

Every property owner needs access to a dependable Shavano Park plumber that they can trust, especially when in need of an emergency plumbing service. Where regular plumbing contractors will let you down, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas will react fast to your emergency and be on their way to ensure you’re safe.

In a subtropical climate like Shavano Park, it’s essential that you take good care of your pipes because external forces can do your plumbing system a lot of harm during any season and any weather condition. The good news is that there are prevention methods from your local plumber. Shavano Park TX homeowners can rest easy learning about ways to facilitate their interior living space and ensure no damage is caused to their plumbing.

Pipe Insulation

Whether it’s winter or summer, you might raise your eyebrows when your Shavano Park plumber says that insulation will benefit both your supply and drain lines during both seasons. But taking measures to protect your system from unexpected cold temperatures and high humidity is crucial if you want to maintain its efficiency and performance.

Frozen Pipes

Despite the mild winters in Shavano Park, the polar vortex has once before startled San Antonio and surrounding areas with record-breaking temperatures. There have been emergencies where our clients have urgently required their plumbers. Shavano Park TX homeowners can’t be more prepared when insulating their outdoor fixtures to prevent freezing during the winter. Frozen pipes will only burst if you force high water pressure through your plumbing fixtures in a rush. One preventative measure your Shavano Park plumber offers is to wrap insulation around your supply lines to protect your system from unexpected cold temperatures.

Winterization Tips:
  • Drain your garden hose and hose bib
  • Turn off your hose bib’s shut-off valve and cover up the faucet
  • Protect your pipes with snap-on foam insulation
  • Ensure unoccupied plumbing areas inside your home are slightly heated
Sweating Pipes

Muggy summers bring along high humidity that can be very damaging to your cooled water lines. When the humid air gets in contact with those cooled lines, it releases vapor. The condensation that you see is the result of that hot, wet air that has gathered inside. It will drip and form a pool that could damage your floor and surrounding fixtures.

It’s also important to differentiate leaks from sweat. Do you see little droplets on your pipe’s surface because the water inside is cooler than the humid air? Is it getting too much, and it is starting to drip? If you want to make sure the culprit is not a leak, your local Shavano Park plumber recommends the following solutions:

  • Get a dehumidifier for the affected area
  • Ensure an HVAC technician has serviced your AC
  • Insulate affected lines with foam
  • Install an anti-sweat valve

Drain Cleaning

Your drain lines are responsible for removing wastewater from your home, but over time, the interior collects debris and creates blockages that could compromise your pipes’ overall functions. It becomes harder to flush things without your toilet backing up all the time. Using a plunger or auger to unclog your toilet might become a daily chore, but if these household tools merely give you temporary relief, you’ll know the root problem lies deeper down the drain. When left untreated, you could risk a sewer backup and other complications will seep through the surface. You can avoid these issues by consulting your local plumber. Shavano Park TX homes require routine maintenance to maintain a healthy plumbing system.

Also, due to the high level of water hardness, mineral deposits are known to settle on your pipe walls—affecting both your supply and drain lines. That’s when cabling won’t solve your problem and frequent use of these tools could cause long-term damage to your pipes.

Signs You Have a Clogged Drain:
  • Recurring clogs in plumbing fixtures
  • Sewer gas smells
  • Slow draining
  • Backed up floor drain
  • Decreased water pressure
  • Repeated use of cabling tools

Even if you are aware that you're not supposed to flush hair and paper towels down the toilet or wash grease and food waste down your kitchen sink, it's inevitable that soap scum and food particles will eventually form dirty sludge and start accumulating on your pipe walls with any mineral deposits that also gather there over time. Our professional drain cleaning services come with many perks that will ensure your pipes remain in working condition for many years to come.

What To Expect From Your Shavano Park Plumber During Drain Cleaning:

The main benefit every homeowner gets is the required plumbing diagnosis and inspection service, during which we inspect your entire system for faults, damage and age. We also rely on our expert plumbing tools which include:

  • Video Inspection Camera: Created in the early 1970s as a non-invasive device, technicians have fine-tuned it to enable professional plumbers to thoroughly examine sewer lines in greater detail. This device is a long, flexible tube with a camera head that tilts, pans and rotates, allowing us to determine your pipe’s material, age and current state. It leads us to the underlying issue which could be a clog or a fracture. The sewer camera corresponds with a signal receiver on the surface and allows us to exactly pinpoint the affected area. Besides locating the damaged area, your Shavano Park plumber learns about your pipe’s condition and as long as it is intact and well, we can commence with the cleaning process.
  • HydroScrub® Jetting: If you need something to break through tough clogs and clean dirty drains, our hydro jetting technology uses high water pressure and volume to clear your household pipes. The unit is made of a water tank, high-pressure hose and different types of strength nozzles. To access your drains, the nozzle is placed in the cleanout to access your drains and sewer line. One has to imagine a pressure washer specifically designed for pipes. Due to safety issues, this task should be performed by a certified plumber. Shavano Park TX homeowners can look forward to clean drains and a fully recovered plumbing system.

Water Softener Installation

Water hardness in Shavano Park is considered fairly hard since San Antonio and surrounding areas rely heavily on the Edwards Aquifer as a source. That aquifer is full of limestone, and thus, it leaves lots of dissolved minerals in our water. High levels of mineral deposits, consisting of calcium and magnesium, will create clogs in a short period of time.

If your pipes and appliances have fallen victim to hard minerals, you have likely heard of a filtration system like a water softener to help combat calcification problems. Many property owners have brought this up to our local plumbers, Shavano Park TX certainly doesn’t have it easy in regard to maintaining spotless pipes!

What Does A Water Softener Do?

As a professional filtration system, a water softener is designed to remove hard minerals like magnesium and calcium from your water via ion exchange. During that process, mineral ions are trapped in a resin and exchanged for sodium and potassium ions. This is the standard traditional version that you will find in most homes that have opted for a softening system. its main purpose of it is to promote your health and enhance plumbing performance.

That said, this type of filtration system might not be suitable for people who are sensitive to high levels of sodium. If you have any questions, you can reach out to your local plumber. Shavano Park TX homeowners are also recommended to consult their physicians about it prior to installation.

Benefits of Water Softener Installation:

  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Cleaner clothes
  • Clean dishes (no watermarks!)
  • Promotes longevity of kitchen appliances
  • Healthier plumbing system
  • Less soap is required for cleaning and bathing
  • Saves money

What Are The Alternatives?

  • Reverse Osmosis System: This is a popular system if you want clean drinking water. Its major strength is filtering out contaminants and impurities, including most hard minerals. However, it only works via one faucet and due to the water hardness in your area, this system will require frequent cleaning and maintenance in order to perform well.
  • Shower Head Softener Installation: You don’t need to install the system as a whole if you’re only seeking a comfortable showering experience. Hardness affects every individual differently. You may not have issues consuming it except for your skin when it comes to physical contact with it. A shower head softener installation is ideal, cheap, easy for your Shavano Park plumber to install and ideal for those who have dry skin conditions.

Water Heater Repairs

What’s more important than taking a hot bath after a long, stressful day? Not many people are aware of it, but your hot water heater consumes lots of energy to keep over 40 gallons of water hot throughout the day (unless you have a tankless heater that heats on demand). At this point, it helps to note when your unit was installed and if you remember the last time it was serviced by a plumber. Shavano Park TX residents can often tell their unit’s age because it typically works optimally for about eight to twelve years before one starts noticing some inefficiencies. If you don’t have any documentation, we recommend contacting your local plumber. Shavano Park TX homeowners will get a thorough inspection and required flushing services that will help the unit clear out any debris. Warning signs that your unit is in need of repairs include:

  • Intermittent heating
  • Decreased pressure
  • Rust
  • Leaks and puddles
  • Faulty pilot lights on gas-operated units
  • Rambling noises
  • Clogged drain valve
  • Aging

Besides routine maintenance with your Shavano Park plumber, there are a few water heater tips that you can follow that will ensure your system remains efficient.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Whether your bathroom is flooding or you have a sewer backup, you need emergency plumbing services to recover your equilibrium. Our Shavano Park plumbers are available 24/7 to help you out in an emergency. No matter the time of day or week, our experts are one call away to help with emergency drain cleaning or trenchless repair services.

We will efficiently and professionally handle your emergency situation without charging you for overtime because we value putting your safety and peace of mind first.

Do You Have A Plumbing Issue that Requires The Attention of a Local Shavano Park Plumber?

We proudly serve all communities in and around San Antonio, so there’s no need to search for a “plumber near me”! Whether you have a sweating pipe, clogged water lines or a sewer backup, we are your expert plumbers who will instantly make these problems disappear and offer you cost-effective, long-term solutions that will help you get the most out of your plumbing system.

If you need a Shavano Park plumber, call today to speak with one of our outstanding customer service representatives about your plumbing needs. Our team is ready to help with everything from routine drain repair to fixing damaged sewer lines. We proudly serve Shavano Park and many nearby areas, including BoerneConverse and Universal City.
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