To Our Valued Customers,

Many of you have been with us for years, and some of you have come to us recently. But you all have been a blessing to us.

Now, we find that our lives are taking a different path, as we plan to spend our time with friends and family in our retirement.

Mr Rooter employee greeting a customer

To assist us with making this change, Jerry and Carla Mulder, owners of Mr. Rooter for five years, have been serving our customers, and will continue to serve you for Texas Plumbing in the future. Some of you may remember that Jerry helped us out before by serving as our Responsible Master Plumber during a time of transition.

We're sure that Jerry and Carla, along with all the folks at Mr. Rooter, will take great care of you. They'll be expecting your carll.

We hope that you will remember us as fondly as we remember you.

Your patronage of Texas Plumbing Diagnostics (TPD) has sustained us for eleven years, and for that, we are grateful.

We trust you'll give that same loyalty to the folks at Mr. Rooter. I know they are ready to earn your trust, as we did.

With thanks and our best wishes,

Dixie Bishop

Norwood Bishop

Texas Plumbing Diagnostics, LLC

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